Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Things I don’t want to forget …

Here are some things about Miss Baby at 3 months old that I don’t want to forget:

  1. The way she gives a big half-asleep sigh when she gets drowsy breastfeeding
  2. The way she kicks her feet straight up in the air when she first sees me in the morning
  3. The way she has become frowningly obsessed with staring at the barnyard-animal pattern on the nursing pillow
  4. Her undying love of ceiling fans, with whom she shares all her secrets
  5. The way she looks like a little baby bird when The Dada holds her up on his shoulder, all raised eyebrows and skinny little neck and too-big head
  6. The way she’s starting to shriek really loudly, just for the fun of it
  7. How she looks when she’s asleep in the sling: squashed, fetal, peaceful
  8. The way she fits against me, curled up tummy to tummy, when nursing
Hm. There's a lot of boobie-related items on this list, I see. Well, that seems fair, as I spend a lot of time in the nursing chair with Miss Baby. Staring. Dripping. Letting the hormones kick in ...

I'm still hip enough to realize that these are not things that Miss Baby is going to want me to reminisce about out loud, let alone in front of other people, once she gets to be, oh, I don't know, seven. I can just see it -- "Mom, tell me again about when I was a baby!" says Miss Baby. "Well," reply I, "you spent a lot of time with your face buried in my boobs, and made the weirdest rasping breathing noises! My boobs were so big I thought I would suffocate you! Dad was worried he could never see your nose." What that anecdote has is naked Mommy, Miss Baby doing something icky, and Daddy looking at naked Mommy and icky baby behaviour. A surefire recipe for averted eyes, and then later, rolling eyes.

So I'll just share with the Internet ... she'll never be three months again, and I just have to write it all down.

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