Saturday, September 23, 2006

True Story: Cat Edition

"Look! I fit in the sling, too! Maybe you can carry me around
all night, instead of Miss Baby!"

Poor Crazy Kitty is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to life with Miss Baby -- all the new noises and smells and, let's be honest, the lessening of attention from The Mama and The Dada. She hasn't even made it into the blog yet! That's one neglect I can rectify right now ...

True story. A couple of weeks ago, when Miss Baby was still on her 11:00 pm bedtime schedule (I know! So gruelling!), Pynchon managed to sling her (that is, carry her around in the sling) to sleep and while I was in the shower, managed to put her down in her crib, pull up her blankets, untie the sling, turn on the baby monitor, sneak out and close the door. Without her waking up. A miracle. I mean, at this point, we pretty much wept from exhaustion every time we finally put her down, and immediately went to bed ourselves, for fear that our conscious breathing would rouse her.

How is this a story about the cat? Well, in the shower I had the secret knowledge that PCK was actually asleep on the nursing rocker in Miss Baby's (dark) room. When I came out of the shower pleasantly surprised that Miss Baby was in bed, I had to break the hard news that the cat was latched in there with her.

Thus began Operation Cat Extraction: I was nominated to turn off all the upstairs lights, open the door, sneak into the room (on all fours, natch, so Miss Baby might not chance to see me), and somehow get PCK off the chair and out of the room without her meowling in protest. And start fast, because the odds were good she'd soon enough get out of the chair herself, find the door closed, and meowl in protest anyway.

High dignity parental manoeuvring ensued. PCK was successfully extracted. Miss Baby remained asleep. Only to wake up from unrelated causes about 10 minutes later.

True story.

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