Friday, September 01, 2006

Who we are ...

Now that you've been properly welcomed to the breach, let me take this opportunity to introduce the cast of characters ... we are primarily and for the moment a mommyblog and thus our main players are:

Mimi, aka 'The Mama' (um, me), a 30-something newish professor with a love of expensive shoes, books books books, and reeling with love and shock from the birth of ...

Miss Baby, 3 months old, a teeny-tiny tyrant full of laughs, poop, and vomit, who keeps us very busy while growing at a truly phenomenal rate. If she had her way, she would spend half her life in the baby sling, marching us around the house at top speed. The other half she would spend engaging the ceiling fans in delighted conversation.

Poor Crazy Kitty, our beleaguered tabby, who has long been on anxiety medication to dampen her unnatural desire to be near us all the time, and is still reeling from the competition represented by the arrival of Miss Baby.

and featuring special appearances by

Pynchon, aka 'The Dada' or 'Husbandman', who is about to launch his media career as a participant on a reality television show, thus freeing me from any quandaries regarding the loss of personal privacy writing about him might otherwise have landed me in. He picked his own nom-de-blogue, btw.

Anyhow, as I while away the maternity leave with Miss Baby and her erratic schedule, the momosphere has helped with loads of advice while never minding that I've often slammed down the laptop screen in the middle of a read to attend to a powerburf, or a wail, or the sudden overpowering need to sleep. Socializing here doesn't involve leaving the house, putting on makeup, wrestling Miss Baby into the car seat, breastfeeding in a food court, changing poopy bums on other people's counters, or interrupting anyone's naps. Hooray for asynchronous communication!


cinnamon gurl said...

Really... Pynchon is about to be on reality tv?!? Which one?!?

cinnamon gurl said...

Is it the new Canadian Deal or No Deal? (I'm kidding... but seriously, what's he gonna be on? Or has already?)