Monday, November 27, 2006


I was all ready to start off the day with another, possibly maudlin, list of things about Miss Baby at 5-and-a-half months old that I don't want to forget. Then I thought: wouldn't it be funnier, and just as worth noting, how The Mama and The Dada are reaching developmental milestones as well? Teehee. So here are some things about The Mama and The Dada at 5-and-a-half months, that I don't want to forget:

The Mama (um, that's me):

  1. My hair has finally stopped falling out, so the floors and the shower are nowhere near so icky. It was falling out in clumps, clumps, clumps. A good party trick: running my hands through the mass, and always always always coming out with 10 or more hairs. On the downside, my nails aren't so luscious anymore. Sigh.
  2. I can often be found expertly weilding q-tips to pluck massive boogers or earwax-chunks from a squirming baby. Really, this is a skill of mine I never knew I possessed.
  3. I have developed mid-night insomnia: I wake up when Miss Baby tends to wake up (but often doesn't) and then lay in bed cursing my wakedness for 45-90 minutes. Nice.
  4. I fit into all my old clothes again! Hurrah! (Let's just avert our gaze from the muffin-top producing mommy-tummy though, shall we?)
  5. I make up crappy but hilarious ditties and sing them endlessly. Often to the tune of 80s hair rock classics. Sing along with 'The Final Meltdown', or even better, 'Thunderpants!'
  6. I have a new and uncanny ability to schedule 'naked baby time' to coincide with 'massive green liquid poopy time' and thus hone my skill at catching flying poop with cloth diapers. And it doesn't really faze me.
  7. I wear earplugs to put her to bed.
The Dada:
  1. He is an expert at putting her down for a nap. Just as good as I am, now.
  2. He tends to jump out of bed less than half-conscious to tend to Miss Baby in the middle of the night even though she's always hungry, and it's not his shift. Can be put back to bed and have forgotten the entire incident by morning.
  3. He loves to make videos of Miss Baby, early in the morning.
  4. He is the swaddle king.
  5. He is willing, ready, and happy to dance the entire two hours of cranky-baby-supper-hour.
  6. He is rarin' to go on project Baby Learns to Crawl. Good luck, The Dada!
  7. He wears earplugs to put her to bed.
And, finally, because she is more photogenic than we are, and surely much more interesting ...

Miss Baby:
  1. She sometimes "sings" along during her bedtime routine.
  2. When something is really funny, she wrinkles up her nose when she laughs.
  3. She can put her toes in her mouth.
    Oh yeah. That's the stuff ...
  4. Actually, she puts everything in her mouth.
  5. She prefers sitting up to lying down.
  6. She has noticed and fallen in love with the cat.
  7. She has noticed and fallen in love with the baby in the mirror.
  8. She babbles, and also, weirdly, likes to do so while inhaling, and thus sounds like a Baby Pterodactyl.
  9. She all of a sudden got two teeth, in one day.
  10. And, how could I forget? She's developed a taste for whiskey ...
Mom ... Dad ... I thought you weren't coming home until Sunday!


Her Bad Mother said...

WonderBaby has a love of pharmaceuticals, and big plastic jars of Rolaids.


the new girl said...

Mimi, Mimi--
I could copy and paste pretty much this WHOLE POST (oh but for my distaste re: outright plagiarism) except for the two teeth and the husband taking a shift in the nighttime.

The post-night waking stay up is the flippin' WORST.

This was so funny.