Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Return of Le Petit Sommelier

Yes, tonight's booze is once again a glass of red wine! Because I can't drink a whole 'single-serving' tetrapak of wine in one evening or I will be drunk. How do I know? Well, because on one memorable occasion about a month ago, when Miss Baby screamed for 90 minutes solid while we went through her bedtime/soothing routine, I paged Pynchon at the gym (which I never ever do, and which caused him to imagine that one or both of us was in hospital or that the house had burned down), and told him to come home or one or both of his 'ladies' would have sailed through the window.

In between hanging up the phone and going back into Miss Baby's room, I chugged the better part of a petit sommelier, figuring I had at most another 15 minutes of duty before I could legitimately collapse in a drunken heap. Which I did.

But that was a special case, obviously. Under normal circumstances, it takes me two days to polish off the 250ml of wine in the glorified juicebox. So tonight is night number two. I must confess: because the wine comes in tetrapak, I invariably give it a good shake before I open it. Force of habit.

Point to celebrate: Miss Baby had her first bit of rice cereal today, or as I prefer to expess it, her first bit of non-boobie food. I'm pleased as punch that I managed to build a good strong 18 pounder with nothing but boobies, and so a little wistful that I now share nutritional duties with Beechnut. But check it out:

The Dada practices his aim


Mad Hatter said...

It was rum and eggnog around here with a party for the sitters and gifts for the girl. Mrs. Potato Head made an appearance and was a hit.

Catherine said...

I have totally lost my sea legs when it comes to drinking. TOTALLY. But if I weren't quaffing percoset these days, I'd be totally trying to get those legs back.

(Catherine is me, HBM, btw. Blogger is thwarting me in my efforts to comment under my true identity.)

Mimi said...

Catherine/HBM -- I got a laugh out of the notion of 'your true identity'. It conjured up an image of a blogger quickly changing costume in a phone booth ... :-)

ewe are here said...

Ooh. The Bumbo chair!

Ours came in real handy when MF was about Miss Baby's age, especially for toothbrushing time.