Thursday, January 18, 2007

Worth a Thousand Words

Pictures, that is.

I've been killing you all with massively long and tortuous posts of late. Time for something short, if not necessarily sweet: a photo-intensive history of my marriage, in feet.

Yup. Feet. Hold on: here we go!

Photo the first: feet getting married, lounging oceanside in Jamaica, one fine early morning in April 2005. The feet got married at 10:30 in the morning, were drunk by 11, and had consummated the union by lunchtime. No family. No guests. We were 'footloose' if you will allow the pun.

Photo the second: pregnant feet, up on my desk at work, in May of 2006, three weeks before Miss Baby's birth. Yes, they are hugely swollen. By this point I could only wear flip flops, and, yes again, you clever reader! those are flip-flop indentations in the foot swelling. It all happened so gradually I really wondered why suddenly none of my shoes fit and everyone was pointing and grimacing.

Photo the third: mommy feet. Never far from the Crocs, which I only wear indoors, because they really saved my arches from oblivion, and now I let Miss Baby chew on them as much as she likes. She likes. And against her little chompy teeth, the resin makes a noise like squeaky bedsprings in the heat of the moment. That's hot!

Photo the fourth: civilian feet. I love beautiful or quirky or fancy shoes. I used to buy a lot of them. Now I live the dream in retrospect. So here's me at work once more, wearing all the shoes that didn't fit last year. I took this photo today! And there's that blasted breast pump in the background!

So there you have it! A foot history, from newlywed, to knocked up, to SAHM, to working-woman pretending to be cool!

Hope you enjoyed it ;-)


ewe are here said...

Fun post!

Although I feel so sorry for your poor pregnancy-swollen feet! It looks so painful! Luckily, I haven't faced that (knock on wood).

nomotherearth said...

I love the shoes in the last photo - they are exactly my cup of tea! Where did you get them??

Ick, breast pumps. No fun.

Mimi said...

Hey Ewe -- my feet were GROSS, and yeah, it kinda hurt. I hope you don't get it this time either, because it sucks to have to get new shoes just for a couple of months.

And NoMo -- the shoes are Campers, and I got them a bunch of years ago in Edmonton. You're from TO, right? You can buy this brand along Queen West.

NotSoSage said...

What I love is the combination of the shoes and the socks. Well done!

Beck said...

Those last shoes are EXCELLENT. Right now I just wear dull black winter boots, it being the non-fun season of the year, but come summer I wear dull SANDALS. WHOO!

Alpha Dogma said...

My feet grew two sizes during my pregnancies, and never went back to normal.
Same with my hips.
I'm just glad my big snoz didn't get any bigger.

I love the Mary-Janes with argyle socks look. So preppy, but in a punk way.

luckyzmom said...

Love those shoes!!!!