Friday, February 02, 2007

Simply some updates

Well, it's Friday and I'm tuckered out. I think instead of a new and exciting post ... a post of updates to prior material! Woohoo!

1. I've been walking home from work all week! Woohoo again! Thank you all for your advice about how to manage all the gear that modern careers and modern mommydom seem to require schlepping around. The solution is: I can carry the laptop, but now I leave the breast pump at work, and only bring home the bag of bottles. This is a load I can actually manage. It feels great to be out in the fresh air.

2. Winter coats -- many of you suggested sharing this story with my mom. I thought about it. But you know, she's a dear and lovely woman and I love her to bits, but she is not much given to this sort of reflective nostalgicizing, if you will. She regularly snorts at me and calls me melodramatic when I muse in these ways in front of her. So it's a story that the collective you and I have enjoyed more than she would. Or perhaps I'm just afraid of her laughing at me.

3. CIO: it's a miracle. I have to say at the risk of a jinx that Miss Baby seems to be getting the point. She's been going to bed either with no fuss at all (because she's passed out while breastfeeding and being moved didn't wake her), or, more miraculous, a tiny fuss very soon given up. Tonight I bungled the drop (she woke as I put her in her crib) and she 'cried' about as long as it took me to leave her room and walk downstairs. One night last week, she cried her heart out. For one whole minute. I think we've turned the corner, at least until everything changes again, but I feel vindicated that a) she's obviously not scarred, b) it worked, and c) whatever crying she does now is simply token and quickly quickly self-soothed. SELF-SOOTHED, people.

4. I had a birthday this week. Now I'm 34. My sister and I are going into The Big Smoke to buy me some cool shoes and then she is watching Miss Baby while Pynchon and I go on a date! Hurrah!

Have a great weekend!


bubandpie said...

Hurrah for CIO!

I am older than you. But not as much older as I thought I might be. (My birthday is next week, and I'll be 36. Perhaps I'll write a long, reflective post about it.)

ewe are here said...

So glad the sleep-thing is sorting itself out!

Hope you got some really cool shoes for your date. New shoes can be such an upper,no? ;-)

NotSoSage said...

Happy Birthday!

Welcome to The Big Smoke. And have a great date! It's Mme L's birthday next week, so her birthday party is tomorrow (ACK) AND my parents are in town from BC (double ACK).

I'm glad you've been able to walk and that CIO seems to be working...

Beck said...

Happy birthday to you! I've always found it such a relief to get my toddlers on a sleep schedule - and I've always agonized about it before hand, to have it become absolutely no deal at all afterwards. I'm glad that Miss Baby is workign it out, too.

gingajoy said...

good lord, you *did* write this post last week (heh!) there is no fricking way i could walk to work--even if it was in walking distance. (you saw my list) so i salute you.

CIO. rocks. not only is there no scarring, sometimes you actually end up with (gasp!) a happy and rested baby...