Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Signs of Spring Fever

Ah, spring! When a young woman's fancy turns to ... washing every single godforsaken piece of primary-colour plastic junk her baby may by turns put in her mouth, wipe against the cat, and drop on the floor.

Ah, spring fever! How you make me want to scrub the baseboards! Now that the sun is a little higher in the sky, months of accumulated grime are brilliantly illuminated, and for more hours of the day than ever before. Now that the snow is melting, how much easier it is to muck up the front and back vestibules--not so much actual mud rooms as mud closets.

Spring, when the prospect of lower heating bills before the larger air conditioning bills of the summer kick in makes me dream of funds for renovations, as I finally utter a manic, "That's IT! I'm tired of living in hobo house!" and start hunting around for power tools and my large but surprisingly chintzy wad of Canadian Tire money while counting the knobs on the kitchen cabinets.

Indeed, I got so spring crazy this past weekend that I finally installed a coat hook rack that's been sitting around for months. I finally decided if Pynchon (poor man, he never knew what hit him) hung his jacket on the dining room chairs one more time, I would surely go supernova. And so out came the pencil, the screwdriver, the level, the cordless drill ... but then the project was derailed because the batteries for the drill, long unused, had totally lost their charge. It was all I could do to wait. But it's done, and oh oh oh the taste of victory is sweet. Look! It's my red coat and Miss Baby's new spring jacket! What you can't see are the dining room chairs. There are no coats on them. And we fixed a long-busted closet door! And I put more outgrown baby clothes in more plastic storage bins!

Let the season of cleaning and renovating begin!

(Hopefully, the season of exclamatory sentences will soon be past.)


Signs of Cabin Fever? I recently overheard SAHD Pynchon say to Miss Baby: "Look with your eyes! Not with your mouth!" Um, good luck with that, The Dada ...


kgirl said...

I love a woman with a tool belt.

this is me to a tee. too bad it lasts about 5 minutes and usually results in a bigger mess than when i started.

Jenifer G. said...

I love me a good spring cleaning. I tend to ponder more and make lists, but once I start look out. Walls, baseboards, doors, the horror of it all.

We went for an evening walk tonight! The real evening with rain boots and lots of muck, but a walk none the less.

Spring, bring it on.

Melanie said...

Yes. Spring brings a certain motivation that I haven't had for months. Ahhh, but it is so fleeting. We spent Sunday afternoon at Lowe's, looking at countertops and drawer pulls. Will it come to fruition? Must await word from the tax man for the answer to that question. We are also sick of living in a hobo house. Good for you for getting things fixed - and using tools - I am a lame dame who always waits for the hubby to do it!

BTW, I happen to love exclamatory sentences!!! Must we be so judgmental of our punctuation choices?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mad Hatter said...

You would die if you had to spend one night in the sty that is my house. Neither one of us gets the spring clean fever and now that Miss M is here, we're lucky the shitty diapers make it to the curb once a week.

NotSoSage said...

Congratulations! Uh, but should I point out that Pynchon's coat isn't on the newly-installed rack? Have you checked all the chairs? (Please, Pynchon, don't hate me.)

I am so in the mood for this sort of thing and, luckily, I will be toddler-free for the weekend, so as long as I don't do too much drinking on Friday or Saturday nights, I might actually get some spring cleaning accomplished!

Oh, The Joys said...

Friend, I ain't cleanin' NOTHIN. Ha.

I'm just going outside. Woo hoooooo!

Em said...

Ah ... sweet spring. It is turning to fall down here... which I'm rather looking forward too as well :)

kittenpie said...

We're channeling all that spring energy into trying to get our old house ready for sale - our poor new house is so overlooked. Hopefully, we can unload that house and turn our attentions to this one. (I've been promised the finishing of the front porch re-build and even planters if we sell! Woo-hoo!)