Wednesday, March 21, 2007


After a good five day run of intense crankiness and clinginess and more drool than I could have imagined issuing from a baby who has almost entirely forsaken liquids ... tooth! The top front left tooth. There it was, just barely, jaggedly visible on the swollen ridge of her gums, last night as she tilted her head back at something hilarious I'd just done. (Hilarious? Um, I undid the snaps on her overalls. It's laugh-a-minute over here!)

Pynchon and I are feeling very intuitive: sure, we've been claiming for weeks that this tooth was sure to arrive momentarily, thus explaining all the bad moodedness and sudden personality changes, and sure it didn't actually arrive momentarily, but! But, last night before dinner (ie, one hour before tooth was discovered discernibly to have erupted) we both noted out loud that Miss Baby's mood seemed much improved and her disposition more resembling what we seemed to remember. We obviously feel very attuned, after weeks of fruitless tooth-coming-soon rumour-mongering, to have caught on so quickly that it had in fact now arrived, and having deduced this without actually seeing the tooth.

Would it be wrong to say that as nice as it is for her to have a new tooth, what is most impressive about this particular milestone is that Miss Baby is no longer the drooling, wriggling, pick-me-up-no-put-me-down-no-WAHHH, crabby baby of yesterday, and most of the week before that?

Where's the Tempra?


Mad Hatter said...

I like the look on her face: "don't push me Mom. I can now bite. Ha!"

Beck said...

Good work with the tooth. We blame all behavioural problems on teething, although I don't know how many new teeth are nearly-8 year old child can actually be expected to get.

Her Bad Mother said...

Oh, the clenching of the heart at such cuteness! Such eyes! Such cheeks!

I'm sure that the teeth are adorable, too. All the more so for having made their journey through the gums without causing you to lose your mind.

NotSoSage said...

Yay, Miss Baby! Why does it feel like such an accomplishment when they finally get one? Perhaps, as HBM says, because YOU made it threw without losing your mind.

And, yes, nursing gets interesting from here on in (as if it wasn't before).

Oh, The Joys said...

Tooth, Schmooth! That is the cutest daggone baby on the whole internet!!

(but you know that)


(I have fallen over from cuteness overdose!)


Jenifer G. said...

She is one sweet little cutie pie. We went through a lot of Tempra in our day, still do actually!

It is all about the teeth these days. Way to go Miss Baby. Little do you know that the next one will be right around the corner....;)

gingajoy said...

my first boy didn;t cut a tooth until he was One! But that did not stop us for saying "it's teething" for about 7 months or so. I am hoping for the same with this one, not least so I don;t have to deal with the whole teeth+breastfeeding thing.

your girl is just edible...

nomotherearth said...

It's crazy how exciting the arrival of a tooth can be, no? The Boy didn't get any until after his first birthday. We were ecstatic! Congrats.

Anonymous said...



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