Monday, April 02, 2007

Worth a Thousand Words, Again

Sick. Overwhelmed with grading. Still hungover from Friday dinner with Terry Eagleton. Pumping and so typing one-handed, tersely.

Thus, photoblogging placeholder post.


This is what's wrong with our dryer. It's the size of a dime. It must be reordered. We have no socks.

Miss Baby says: I loves me some flax seed toast with almond butter!


NotSoSage said...

Mmm...Miss Baby, you're making me hungry.

I bet that dime-sized part costs, like, $200 or something, doesn't it. Damn those machines!

Mad Hatter said...

The bib matches the high chair. Freaky.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

That is one satisfied baby. I think I need to try flax seed toast!

Mimi said...

Sage, I'm sure the part costs 10 cents: because our warranty still covers parts, but not labour.

Mad, they were purchased separately! But, admittedly, freakily!

Em said...

Ugh! Modern appliances are the worst... one little blip and the whole thing falls apart.

Omaha Mama said...

Sucks that you're sick. Must be a virus going around among bloggers, many woes among sick mommies (although, perhaps yours was self-inlicted?).

Hang in there.

Jenifer said...

Wouldn't it just feel better if it was burnt or ripped or larger? Yes, I can relate to this, we had a belt snap last year. All that fuss for a belt?!

Sorry you are not feeling well (as she knocks on wooden? IKEA table) so many people are really sick now.

Feel better, lots of tea. Oh and of course Miss Baby looks too cute. Kind of like the Easter eggs we dyed yesterday.

Beck said...

I can't get over that Miss Baby will wear a bib, at all. My kids always acted like bibs were an instrument of cruel torture.

Mimi said...

The blogosphere gave me a virus! Ack! (sniff, cough)

Beck: she loves the bib, actually, because once the bib comes on, food is not far behind. Very Pavlovian. Also helps that it's velcro and fastens at the side not the back: very easy to put on without her really noticing. And then she gets to have a 'second helping' by digging everything out of the pouch. Fun!

Oh, The Joys said...

Well, at least that thing didn't end up in the toast.