Saturday, January 19, 2008

The power of two?

Some of you might be wondering if Pynchon and I have flip-flopped on our one-child decision already. Nope! I have been considering the power of two, though, this week.

Two: case 1

The plumber has been here twice this month. To rescue the same toilet, if from two different problems essentially related to the crappiness (if you will) of said toilet. Actually, it was two plumbers, from the same company. The first plumber, a hearty and avuncular short and round fellow who whistled a lot, arrived just before Christmas, knocking at the side door. He entered the house, then, through the kitchen. He stopped short.

"Wow," he said, "you guys have done a lot of work here, eh? It's looking pretty open for such an old house."

"Thanks," I replied, morose. "We did, but it looks like we're selling it soon."

The second plumber, a tall and thin whippersnapper more than a decade younger than your humble narrator, rang the bell at the front of the house. He entered through the vestibule into the living room / office area. He stopped short.

"Wow," he said, "this place is really modern looking. You must've done a lot of work, eh, cause it's a really old house."

"Thanks," I replied, rolling my eyes, "we were aiming for modern. We just sold it."

Weird, eh? So on the one hand, the plumbers admire the architecture and the interior design. On the other hand, these plumbers were not, shall we say, invited over socially. At least the first guy gave us a ten dollar off coupon we were able to give to the second guy.


Two: case 2

My new MacBook Pro arrived yesterday! I was soooo excited, and so was Pynchon, because a new MacBook Pro for me means a PowerBook G4 falls into his sole and entire possession. I was very excited by the much-touted Setup utility that would just zip the contents of Machine A into Machine B.


Until I spent 40 minutes on the phone with Apple technical support, and then it finally worked just after the tech and I had given up, but then it took two hours of work and I stayed up wayyyy too late last night doing something I had imagined being a breezy and fun afternoon of file transfer.


But, after time-to-the-power-of-two longer than I expected it to take, it's done. And now everyone has their own computer. Woo!


Two: case 3
Old Navy is having a smoking good sale (apologies to those who are off the shopping cart until March) right now. I bought Munchkin a load of spring clothes. As she is fitting just perfectly into her size 2T clothes right now, I bought size 3T for the next lot.

We tried some pants on her when we got home.

Here's the thing: kids wearing size 3T? Are supposed to be toilet trained. So, the rise on the pants is really really low. How low? When I was pulling them up over her bum, so confident was I that there was more material to come that when I hitched up the waistband, her feet lifted off the floor and she pitched forward. Whoops. Munchkin will be very stylish in April, wearing hipster baby pants with a generous swath of Pampers hanging out the top.

What are you supposed to do when your 19 month old is straining out of her 2Ts?


slouching mom said...

Must comment on the Old Navy sale!

Last week, when I was driving through NJ, I stopped at an Old N avyand found, for Ben, who's a size 10:

a striped white-and-taupe rugby shirt
two long-sleeved striped thermal shirts
a crew-neck striped sweater/jersey
a sueded long-sleeved burnt orange tee

Yes, the boy really needs shirts. All of his current ones are so short in the arms that they look as if they were meant to be 3/4-length sleeves...

The POINT, which I'm not getting to, is that each of those items I just listed, in excruciating detail?

Cost $3.49 US.

Three dollars and forty-nine cents!

I was giddy.

slouching mom said...

Oh, and try The Children's Place for a more generous fit in the rump.

Mimi said...

Generous rump: I'm going to write that in Munchkin's baby book. Definitely, she gets that from me ;-)

Omaha Mama said...

I had that same issue with my girl. Now that she's 4 and long since potty-trained, the pants fit no better.

I will be excited to hear how the house hunting goes?

I was at Old Navy today, feeling that clearance clothes for my children are "essential" and spent not one dime. I did not find that their sale fit any of my needs. The girl has moved over to the bigger girls part and I wasn't very impressed. The boy is in toddler clothes and it was way picked over. They were definitely in transition while I was there, putting out stuff while I picked through winter clothes. It's January and there were more swimming suits and shorts than pants or sweatshirts. Sigh.

Oh, The Joys said...

OMG. Slouching Mom and you scored... must go to Old Navy!

cinnamon gurl said...

Thanks for the tip.

We just got a second computer (a MacBook actually) and OMG our marriage is MUCH happier... we spend evenings in the same room on separate computers... why didn't we do this sooner?!?

Kyla said...

Did you just sneak in there that your house is sold? Did it work out well in the end?

Two computers is a must. Josh is an IT nerd, so we have THREE in our living room...and right now I'm on a separate laptop in the bedroom. Ahhhh.

And KayTar is just growing into 3T and she's nowhere near potty trained, but we have a hard time fitting her anyway. She's too tall for 2T, but not quite wide enough for 3T.

Beck said...

Invest in some little elastics, and make little bunchy ponytails with her pants' fabric right at the waistbands of the pants (where her shirt will hide them). We call them "bunnytails", and they've been a staple of our extremely petite daughters' wardrobes for as long as they've worn pants.

kittenpie said...

I ALWWAYS buy sizes ahead on sale at the ends of seasons. Old Navy is great for that. And here I am trying not to buy much... Sigh. I think she is at least set for this season and summer, but I guess it's almost time to be buying for next winter. Yowza. How can I think that far ahead? There's so much between now and then.

the new girl said...

I went to that sale today!

For some socks and some onesies. I still haven't gotten the hang of buying ahead when on sale for the baby. I can't figure it out in my head what season it will be. I think when we get to the 24 mos/2T's it will be easier?

I need a system. I got the socks for a great deal, though.

Jenifer said...

The house sold already! That is good news I would say.

I love shopping ahead and a good clearance sale, I will have to get over to ON this week. I agree about Children's Place - their baby/toddler side of clothes goes up to 4T and is made for diaper/pull-ups. The other side of the store starts at XS which is a 4, but not a 4T which is key to the bum space.

I thought ON did the same thing...but I guess they don't. I have always found they have lower rises on many things...we got a lot of coverage of Rosebud's bum in a particular pair of capris last year.

crazymumma said...

holy. sold a house, shopping at old navy, new computer.

man, you are better than good.

Move to roncesvalles Village...c'mon. I double dog dare ya!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm convinced I'll pick my university for silly reasons but nevermind, it's a reason :)

And yeah, now I'm not sure whether to see I, II and III!

motherbumper said...

Damn, damn damn... nope can't resist - I'm off to Old Navy now. No advice: my 27mth old still fist 18-24mth and usually needs a belt. Wish I had her problem, really do.

Debbie said...

Oooo...MacBook Pro. Hubs has one that I covet. I'm looking forward to the day when this desktop needs replacing.

ewe are here said...

We're not potty trained here yet, and mine's older... but the pull ups don't 'show' as much.

Anonymous said...

Do You Wonder?