Monday, August 25, 2008

Did you know?

... That I have a super power?  I can make it rain.  Here's what I do:  I hang clothes on the line, meticulously and carefully.  Then I walk into the house and start doing something else.  Tada!  Rain.


... That my kid can count to ten in French?  Yeah, we didn't know that either, until she started counting out her grapes at the table the other night.  I guess that's why you're supposed to eat dinner with your kids, huh?


... That we've had one houseguest for eight weeks?  That's a long story, but let's just say my internet time is reduced.  


... That red leaves are beginning to fall from the maple tree in my front yard?  Nooooooooo!


... That I swear to God I'll be writing more and better posts (and more and better comments) really damn soon?  That I'm trying to find new and entertaining ways of saying, sorry I've disappeared of late and please don't erase me from your Google Reader / BlogLines?


Mamalooper said...

I was wondering where you had been - looking forward to reading new posts.

Kyla said...

Please take photos of those red leaves for me. I just LOVE them. We don't have fall here and we don't have red leaves. Texas, bah.

Patti said...

Your parenting proud moments of August 8 was way too good to erase you just because you're away for a few weeks.

An 8-week houseguest??? Wow. You're a better host than I.

Omaha Mama said...

I would never erase Mimi! But I miss you, so am glad you'll be back soon.

Assertagirl said...

Here's how I make it rain:

1. Wash car.
2. Put car washing tools away.
3. Go into the house.

Voila! Rain!

crazymumma said...

i hate it when the leaves start to turn. Its beautiful and all, but it means it will all be over soon. And snowsuits will make an ugly reappearance.

kittenpie said...


I'm not sure if you're heroic, lovely and friendly, or totally insane. I'm good for about two days.

Meanwhile, don't worry - I'm boring everyone to tears with my crappy house renos, so I'm just pleased when someone writes something else.

Mandy said...

8 weeks? I echo Kittenpie.
Isn't it guests and fish that start to smell after three days??

Anonymous said...

Forget two days, kittenpie. Two hours, then I'm getting a little bit edgy. I seriously bow down to your superior patience.

Don't worry, though, you're firmly planted on my Google Reader, and you're not going anywhere.

Beck said...

8 weeks, eh? I'd be sitting rocking back and forth in a corner by this point. You are strong.

Autumn! BOOOOO!

Jenifer said...

Goodness 8 weeks is a long time! Our maple is still lovely and green, but since you are not that far from me, I guess I had better watch out.

Mad said...

The word "guest" get replaced by "pariah" after 2 weeks.

nomotherearth said...

Did someone in your family teach her the french, or did she learn it at daycare? (If the latter, email me the name of the daycare, would you?)

ewe are here said...

I can make it rain that way, too.

And I love to see the changing colors of the leaves... probably because I didn't grow up with it so much.

As for google reader, I suspect I've been removed from a fair number due to my recent disappearance. But I'm not removing you or anybody else!