Monday, November 17, 2008

I have to admit, it's getting better

It couldn't get no worse, that's for sure. Your stories and your reassurances helped immensely. Thank you for that: I needed to hear, well, exactly what you had to say.

Today, she woke up singing. She got dressed, marched willingly downstairs, ate a full breakfast while dancing and waving, and was so excited to put on her snowsuit AND snowpants AND mittens AND hat AND boots that she was literally vibrating, until we pushed her out onto the porch. She sang her way to the car, clomping through fresh snow. When I got out at the office, instead of having a fit, yelling "NO NO NO MOMMY DRIVE YOU TO DAYCARE! MOMMY DRIVE!" she asked if Daddy was going to drive and calmly presented her puckered lips for a goodbye kiss.

Tonight, she had a fun playtime before supper, happily climbed into her chair and ate another full meal, teased and charmed us, and made up yet more songs. She asked specifically for Daddy to put her to bed, for the first time in weeks. And he did. No tantrum. Sure, she wore a Team Canada Olympic shirt and a pink ruffled skirt to bed, but you've got to pick your battles, right? It was, altogether, an easy day.


I know it won't last, that the sunshine is as unpredictable as the rain, but today we enjoyed her, thoroughly. We recalibrated our family. We're ready for whatever is going to happen tomorrow. Or, more likely, at 3am.


[Oh, also? I had to stop at the Bonnie Togs again today: the size 3 snowsuit from last winter is clearly only going to fit for another month or so, and she has, since last week, unequivocally grown out of all the pants I bought in August. If you're keeping track, she's now wearing all size 5 dresses and shirts, and size 4 pants and skirts.]


Omaha Mama said...

Moments of Sunshine in a toddler's life can sure make the rain more bearable, for sure. I'm glad you had one of those days. I'm having trouble picturing the snowsuits though, since we've had not one flake (well maybe one, but it melted when it hit the ground). And you've reminded me that both of my kids need snowsuits. We've got all of the other gear, but we need the suits. For the two or three storms we'll have accumulating enough snow to warrant them.

alejna said...

Oh, good. She sounds utterly charming!

How do they manage to do that? I often tell people that I am completely crazy about Phoebe. And that she often drives me completely crazy.

I'm glad that you've gotten some sunny skies. Here's hope the next storm front passes quickly!

Mad said...

Jeez louise. Maybe she was grouchy from all that growing. It's gotta make a gal tired.

Kyla said...

My theory is they just like to make liars out of us publicly. Tonight I was shouting from the rooftops, "Yeah! She's sleeping in her own bed! I get my husband back!" and it lasted two hours. Tricky little children, they are.

KayTar is just growing into a 3T. Her footsie jammies from last year are 24 months and she's still wearing them.

Beck said...

Dude! You have one tall girl on your hands! The Baby is JUST into size three. Of course, she's puny.

Little wee kids have bad days, too, and they haven't figured out yet how to be merciful to other people. Two is actually when our job as parents begins - before that, we're just looking after.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad that things went smoothly. As for her size, wow! She's growing so fast! She's such a healthy girl! My two year old stopped growing, I think. She's still wearing the size 18 months from last year and 24months/2T are too long on her. :P ?

petite gourmand said...

Those good days make up for all the rest, that's for sure.

Debbie said...

I'm glad the day went so smoothly, pleasantly, and she sounds like she had a fun day day too.

We find with our 3yo that he will be an angel for about 3 weeks, and then all hell breaks loose for about a week. I haven't figured out yet what the trigger is, or if there even is one. But, I've gotten used to the idea that it happens and there is an end in sight.

I hope the good days stretch on for you. And I send you lots of strength and patience for the day they end.

Jenifer said...

I am convinced the growth spurt is behind a lot of this. I am in desperate need to longer track pants for the girls. It seems like they are either too big and we are waiting to wear them or they are too short and on the way out!