Monday, November 10, 2008


Nomo tagged me for seven random things, and a random-ish photo. Cool! In this month of Nablopomo, I need all the content I can scrounge.

Seven Random Things About Munchkin:

1. Every day, one slice of seriously whole wheat / flaxseed / crunchy-bit dark brown bread, toasted, with peanut butter and "extra jam!", folded into a half-sandwich and cut in two. Usually with a big glass of milk and some kind of fruit. Often, all that's left afterwards is a smear of jam on her face. Kid likes her breakfast, and has never thought to protest the healthy bread.

2. The kid is big-time obsessed with Toupie and Binou, a show on Treehouse. And we have the book, an omnibus edition of six different stories from the TV show, and she knows them all. by. heart.

3. Some 80s songs she likes to sing, unpromped and while doing other things: "Pour some sugar on me" ("Red light! Yellow light! Green light! Go! He's the operator in a ONE MAN SHOW!") and "Abracadabra" ("I'm gonna reach out and grab ya!") and "Scenario" ("Here we go, yo! Here we go, yo! So wha' so wha' so what's the ... scenario?")

4. There was this episode of Toupie and Binou where Toupie uses one of those gag leashes to walk an 'invisble' dog: all belts in our household have since been conscripted into the 'Toupie the dog' army and can be found everywhere except where we put them down.

5. When she's in the car, in her carseat, she has this tendency, once she gets all settled with her book and such, to take doudou and place it behind/around her neck, like you might drape a towel over your shoulders walking into the sauna. It's weird and she's been doing it forever. Then she snuggles back into it.

6. She confuses 'turkey' and 'turtle' so that when she sees the tortoise at the local park, she gobbles at it. Every time.

7. She reenacts scenes from our family life with her Fisher-Price dollhouse, word for word. This can be disconcerting: "baby Goya is in her crib! And she says 'WAA! WAA! WAA!' and Mommy stands in baby Goya's room and says 'Go to sleep RIGHT NOW and that is the END OF IT.' Poor Mommy is tired and baby Goya is tired and now Daddy's is going to come! Unless you use your listening ears!" Yikes.

And sixth photo from sixth folder? Well, I use iPhoto, so I'm going with sixth photo from sixth 'event' in my library .... and it is .... this:

Oh Lord. It's me, five years ago, in a fashion show by a designer whose wife I worked with. We were all not professional models, but you should know there's like 45 bobby pins in my hair. So if you wanna model, you should know: we were all instructed, 'backstage' (ie, in the basement storeroom of a bar) that we should look above everyone's heads and not smile, and remember to channel the vibe that we are better than everyone. Your worst suspicions are now confirmed. Also? Not allowed to wear a bra! The chafe! The swing! The droop! I think I'll stick with my dayjob.


Kyla said...

KayTar is fond of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "Jesse's Girl". She sings them all the time.

That little dollhouse scene is QUITE entertaining.

Gobbling at the turtle is cute, too.

Denguy said...

I've done some modelling and I wasn't supposed to wear a bra either.

Beck said...

I am seriously amused at the braless modelling picture. Is that in fact a Harry Potter scarf?

The glimpses I get into The Baby's imagination is often hilariously disturbing, much like the Fisher-Price Baby Goya story.

ewe are here said...

I hope you have video of he gobbling at the turtles. Priceless.

Ditto for walking the imaginary dog.


Omaha Mama said...

I love and do not like when my kids re-enact their lives. The sweet loving care they may give a baby doll - priceless. The shouting, "TIME OUT!" Not so much.

No Mother Earth said...

Well, who doesn't like Abracadabra?? The Boy is constantly singing Dr Horrible songs, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Is it just me or is Toopie and Binou a bit trippy?

Anonymous said...



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