Saturday, November 08, 2008


Uh-oh.  As of yesterday evening, we have received four invitations to four different Christmas parties.  Two of these are family-invites.  Two are couple-invites.  Two are at the same time.

It's only November 8th.  Uh-oh.


Uh-oh.  I threw out my parka last spring before we moved.  I'd had it (a cheap, but cute and warm, rosy pink number from Old Navy) since we lived in Edmonton, since before I met Pynchon.  It was starting to get stained and no amount of pretreatment and careful washing was going to make it look presentable anymore.  If I didn't throw it out, I knew I'd just keep wearing it ... Similarly, I threw out my big, warm, comfy, 15 year old Sorel skidoo boots.  One of them was no longer watertight around the toes.

Now it's getting quite cold, and I've got no boots, and the warmest covering in my closet is a lined car coat that leaves my neck open.



Uh-oh.  We had a terror-tantrum tonight at bedtime, and Munchkin screamed bloody murder and nearly threw up from being just so damn angry.  We took turns trying to calm her down in her dark room while she threw everything within reach as far as it would go, and made wild and unreasonable demands.

Finally, after nearly an hour of this, she rested against my shoulder, head on doudou, as I rocked her.  It was quiet for a while and then:  "Mom?  But I already told you I wanted a pink cup of milk.  From the fridge downstairs and I will go with you and put the lid on.  I told you."

Stubborn and articulate.  We're in trouble.



Omaha Mama said...

It all makes the head spin, huh? Yah. Me too.
Take tomorrow off. Spend the day on the couch, preferably sipping something warm and eating something fattening. Dr. OM has spoken.

cinnamon gurl said...

Ugh. We had one of those crazy tantrums a couple of weeks ago. In our case, it only ended when Swee'pea fell deeply asleep. It was awful.

No Mother Earth said...

Joe Fresh has cute winter coats that aren't very expensive..

Kyla said...

Uh-oh indeed.

I love that she TOLD YOU. That's hilarious.

hoppytoddle said...

At least she's telling you in a toddler-that-can't-believe-you-aren't-compling way instead of an a la Jerry Springer I TOoooLD YOU! way. Maybe she is & it's just not transfering via blog type.

I should just send you my coats that I've hung onto for 6 years now (gah!) thinking I'm going to get out of the tropics anytime soon.

Assertagirl said...

Four parties! Oh my word! The only one I've been invited to so far is my company party, and they charge us $40 per person to attend. So not going.