Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowmageddon! And we have no phone or internet!

Well, what with me having stalled for over a week, Pynchon took over and called R0gers cable--we've had no internet for over a week, and since we use VOIP for our phone service, no phone either. As I got increasingly twitchy about being disconnected from my Bloglines--I mean, my work email--and as 'Snowmageddon' descends on our part of Ontario, we figured it would be good to get our phone and internet up and running again.

In what can only be described as a 'Christmas miracle', Pynchon was NOT on hold for 45 minutes, and technician WILL be coming--today!--to replace our dead cable modem.

The sad part is: we would rather go ten days with no phone and no internet, rather than brave the automated phone system and its perpetual 'higher call volumes than average' holding pattern. And yesterday, we called, and got through, and today it will be fixed. Paradigms. Shifting!


At 7:10 this morning, the road in front of our house was bare, as I peeked through our bedroom window. "What a ripoff!" I muttered to Pynchon. "What happened to 'snowmageddon'? Pffft."

At 7:15, I couldn't see across the street anymore.


My Christmas shopping is all done: this has done wonders for my stress level. As I hid the last present in the [REDACTED] yesterday afternoon, I all of a sudden felt my brow de-furrow, felt my Christmas spirit return.

Can it be I'm going to enjoy this all now?

This morning, Munchkin and I delivered home-baked cookies to the admin assistants in my department, and all as well with the world.


TOOT! The trumpet came from Mastermind Toys, on Wednesday morning. That's about 36 hours after I ordered it, and 38 hours after I posted my plea for help. Thanks, guys.


I am engaging in rueful, black humour lately, a long running joke in our little family that I've amended lately.

"That's it, Munchkin, I think Mommy is going to sell you on eBay."

"No Mom! Not the eBay, to the gypsies! Sell me to the gypsies!"

Pynchon, offstage: "Wouldn't you rather we feed you to the wild dogs, Munchkin?"

"Yeah! Wild dogs!" And then, to the tune of Duran Duran's 'Wild Boys', sotto voce, "Wild dogs, wild dogs, wild dogs! do-do-do-do-DO!"


"Where's the wild dogs, Mommy?"


Omaha Mama said...

If you get a good price let me know. I've got a two-year old I'll let go pretty cheap. I kid, mostly.
We're all snowed in today too, which I find to be the perfect time to stay in my pajamas for the entire day.

Jenifer said...

I did the same thing this 7:25am no snow at 7:33am it was a white-out!

I just started wrapping today, how is it yours is done. I actually don't mind wrapping...Christmas music flowing...a not so hot toddy and off I go.

Enjoy the snow.

Kyla said...

7:10 to 7:15? WOW.

It is in the 80s here today.

Beck said...

It's -35 here again, but it hasn't snowed. It's supposed to do that tomorrow, just in time for winter travelling, oh huzzah.

Debbie said...

Ah yes, my commute time has doubled this past 2 weeks. Gotta love winter in Canada!

I'm glad your Christmas spirit is returning, and I'm sure the whole mood around your home is better. It sure sounds like it is, anyway.

Mad said...

40cm here yesterday and 20 more coming tomorrow. Whoot!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Mimi. All the best to you and yours.