Monday, December 15, 2008


So, Munchkin is very comfortable with the whole Santa thing this year--last year, she was much happier to contemplate (ie, chew on) her 5 inch stuffed Santa squeaky toy while steering well clear of (ie, scooting away in terror from) red-suited men with a big round belly like a bowl full of jelly. This year, she's braver and she knows the big man is the one to whom you confide your deepest holiday desires.

She's seen a couple of Santas in the last couple of weeks, the first at the mall with her preschool class, and the second at a house party this weekend. Her diction is clear, her please-and-thank-yous audibly in evidence, and her list? Well, she's staying on message.

And the message is this: "Trumpet." Just a trumpet. That's the only thing she'll ask for, and it's what she keeps asking for.

Where the hell do I get a toy trumpet?

[Where she got the idea from, I'm not sure. But it's adorable, no? Probably our last unbranded Christmas list, so, come hell or high water, I'm finding a trumpet for my little girl.]


Kyla said...

How sweet! (and yes, I daresay 2 is the last unbranded Christmas list, 3 is all about Barbie and Princesses, how does that HAPPEN?)

How about this?

Beck said...

And they have super fast shipping, too.

Jenifer said...

Beck beat me to it, I was going to suggest Mastermind or Grand River Toys, both have tons of great gift ideas. Although we don't have a trumpet with have a music set from Mastermind that is awesome, three years later and they still play with it.

The noise level mind you will increase!

hoppytoddle said...

That is great, & I can relate. MiniMe wanted a 'peenano' & a 'geetar' last year, & got them. Looks like you've already got some good recc's on the trumpet.

& no, it doesn't have to be all about Barbies after this. When we went to see Santa this year the 'elf' asked MiniMe what kind of Barbie she wants this year & the response was a very disapproving face combined with, "Um, no! Barbies are made out of plastic, which is bad for our planet, & they come from China!" I know; I'm raising a freak, but at least I know she is still hearing what we say. Scarily so.

There is a downside. She's asked for a space station. Where in the heck do you get one of those that isn't plastic?

Mimi said...

Yay! Trumpet has now been ordered from Mastermind! It should be here by the end of the week! Thanks, you guys!

Toot, toot.

HoppyToddle--yeah, I don't know where you'd find a wooden space station. It would seem like a weird anachronism, huh?

Omaha Mama said...

That is a wonderful request. I'm so glad you've found one.
I'll never forget that at two, my B was requesting a giraffe. She wanted a real one, like the zoo's, but accepted the two stuffed ones she ended up with.

Mad said...

Late to the game. I was going to say Mastermind Toys.

BTW, aside from last year's Ballerina Barbie blip, mine is still unbranded in her requests: a violin and a camera.

That picture is great, btw. Is that the real Santa?

Mimi said...

Mad: yup. He actually has a reindeer farm in the farmland around here. Awesome.

No Mother Earth said...

I was going to suggest Mastermind too. They have the good stuff.

Don Mills Diva said...

Of course you are! Otherwise how will she fulfill her destiny to be a trumpet player in a world famous ska band?

Kate said...

Re: wooden space stations. Would a wood space panorama do the trick? If yes, check out NASA's Space Store:

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable. I got a folk recorder for one Christmas when I was little, and I think my parents regretted it for the rest of the year. At least a trumpet doesn't sound like a cat slowly dying.