Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Toddler 1, Daddy 0

Scene: Cold sunny morning, winter. Interior, Toyota Echo sedan. Mommy drives, Daddy sits in the passenger seat, and in the rear, surrounded by toys and books and doudous, sits Munchkin in her carseat.

Munchkin, darkly and to herself: "And I said, NO! I don't want ANY parents looking at me."


Munchkin: "Do-do-do-do-do-Dora! Super cool esplorador!" Pauses, considers, "NO! I don't' want ANYONE to HOLD my HAND. No! I want YOU to drive, Mommy."

Mommy: "I am driving, sweetiepooper. We're going to bring Daddy to his offic."

Munchkin: "No! Not Daddy's office. Daddy, pick up my pony!"

Daddy: "I can't Munchkin, I've got documents on my lap and I can't turn around. Can you say 'documents'?"

Munchkin: "NO! I can't!"

Daddy, teasing: "Can you say, 'snowplow'?"

Munchkin: "NO! I can't!"

Daddy: "Can you say, 'cranky'?"

Munchkin: "NO! I can't!"

Daddy: "Can you say ... 'no'?"

Munchkin: "N .. ... ... uhh. I don't WANT TO!"

And ... scene. Final score: linguistically precocious Toddler 1, Daddy 0. Mommy explodes in laughter, suddenly happy knowing now for certain that, somehow, the gene for smartassery has successfully been passed down.


Kyla said...

She is clever!

Mandy said...

This made me laugh! You might be ruing that smartassery in about 10 years. :) Just sayin'.

Mimi said...

Mandy -- don't I know it. 36 pounds of smartass I can handle, but 3 times the smartass and an even bigger vocabulary? I'm worried ... ;-)

Mad said...

Honey, what I wouldn't give to have a child say just once "No! I don't want to have any parents looking at me." I get the gears if I look away even for a second. That fierce independence is going to serve your girl well.

Beck said...

All THREE of my kids are "spunky." We're just lucky.

motherbumper said...

This is all the proof I need that smartassery is genetic (we got the same deal here and it's both incredibly entertaining and killing me).

Cheryl said...

So funny! We have similar issues over here. Little people are amazing.

Debbie said...

So it IS genetic! I thought we just lucked out (rolling eyes).

Priceless, Mimi. Priceless.

ewe are here said...

heh heh

Clever girl!

alejna said...

Too funny!

Bon said...

smartassery is a favourite pastime around here. sometimes i wonder if we're setting ourselves - or O - up for a whole lot of heartache. sometimes the world doesn't appreciate attitude.

but we can't help ourselves. and at least he - and Munchkin - will learn to be quick-witted and laugh at themselves along the way.

the new girl said...

Oh, MAN.

She's good.