Sunday, May 03, 2009

April showers

... bring May flowers. And Munchkin was yelping "It's MAY, it's MAY" when I picked her up from preschool on Friday. The flowers are out, all around us: hyachinths, grape hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, and forget-me-nots. The crocuses are already done, and even the tulip trees are sheeding some of their petals.

This year, we are tackling the yard. 55 feet by 50 feet of gone-to-scrub space that needs, first of all, to be cleared. Auntie Soo-see offered the services of her 13 year old son, who earned the nickname 'axe-terminator' at the cottage last year for his knack for completely uprooting treest. For 30 bucks, some root beer, and a cheeseburger pizza, he was mine for the day.

The 'axe-ecutioner' got to work while Munchkin slept:

Me, I used my pogo-stick-style weeding tool to uproot upwards of 300 dandelions. After a certain point, the yard starts to look less like it's being aerated, and more like it's being excavated. It feels good to work outside, to get my hands dirty, to feel like progress is being made. Neighbours ambled into the yard to chat, to marvel, to discuss plans. It was fun.

Munchkin was fantastically excited to see all the hustle and bustle when she woke up from her nap, and gladly took up her shovel, too, helping me dig up past-their-prime tulip bulbs, throwing tennis ball 'easter eggs' into the wild carrot patch, gleefully flinging dirt around.

Auntie Soo-see taught her the finer points of supervision, captured in this photo I like to call "union rules" (one to axe, two to watch):

A truly lovely family day, with fresh air and exercise. The yard looks only a very little bit better, but we had a great time. A great weekend.

And this: really? I'm dying from the cute .


Bon said...

the cute. the very, very cute. i need a shovel-thingy just that size. big people tools intimidate me.

i also need your axe-cavating nephew. can we borrow? though i'm not sure we have cheeseburger pizzas here on PEI. maybe lobster pizza? ;)

the new girl said...

Me too, dying from the cute.

She knows, though, that she's got to JUMP ON THAT SUCKER to make it work, right??

No Mother Earth said...

Things are supposed to grow in a garden? I mean, OTHER than weeds??? Um, I think I had better something.


Omaha Mama said...

You warned me about the weeding and you were right. Absolutely precious.

Patti said...

So. Unbelievably. Cute.

Almost makes me want to have one of my own.


Love the "union rules" - my term is "sidewalk superintendents".


Kyla said...

Very, very cute. I kind of hate the outdoors (Texas just isn't my ideal climate), but when Josh and the kids are out there "working" I can't resist following them around with the camera.

Cloud said...

Our Pumpkin LOVES to help Hubby in the yard. We bought her a little rake, and she helps Daddy rake up the leaves. I keep trying to capture the unbelievable cuteness on film, and always fail. They work at dusk, and she is never still. So I have a bunch of blurry photos that remind me of how cute she is, but don't really capture it for others to see.

Mad said...

I think we're about 3 weeks behind you climate wise.

And, yes, mucho cute.

alejna said...

That is some serious cute.

Whenever I try to get out in the yard for whatever reason, the bugs drive me in. I hope you live in a less buggy place.

Assertagirl said...

Do those dandelion things really work? Because our yard is looking more yellow than green lately.

Also, I could really use my very own "axe-ecutioner". Is your nephew available for hire?

Mommy2JL said...

She is adorable!
I did the same thing the first weekend in May. I dug up the entire thing and got my vegetable garden planted.
Being that my yard is maybe 20 feet by 10 and half is patio stone it was quite easy lol.
But damned if I didn't get back from a weekend away and the whole thing is full of clover and weeds!

nic @