Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stupid Weather

It feels like it hasn't been warm or sunny for months. I'm so bored, stuck in the house in the face of driving rain, that I'm literally watching the grass grow.

The only thing this weather is good for is growing grass. Luckily, this was the summer we picked to seed the lawn.

Sigh. Watch it grow with me. You know you're not going outside or anything. Al the shots are from the same angle, but don't have exactly the same framing. Rest assured, it's the same patch of grass. I'm the one behind the lens, moping.

April. I'm glad they went out back for their post-preschool picnic in April. We had decent sunny weather in April. Yeesh.

May. We took a day off work to till and topdress and flatten and fertilize and sow. We prayed for rain. Sorry about that.

June. Lovely lush ecofriendly, drought-tolerant (ha!) green stuff. And it's too crappy to ever go outside and wiggle our toes in its lovely lushness.

Grumble grumble. My neighbour just came back from two weeks in France: she reports the weather was just awful there. So I don't think I'm being terribly parochial when I presume and ask: "How are you whiling away this miserable wet cloudy thunderous summer?"


Bea said...

Oooh, I should do one of these too. Because I waited long enough for my grass that I'm still finding it absolutely thrilling to watch it grow - and I can't get over the way free water just falls out of the sky.

Mimi said...

So your water is metered, too, huh? We're on perpetual watering ban here, too, only allowed once a week, so we really needed it to fall out of the sky, or surreptitiously water it and risk a ticket! Oh, the excitement of my mid-30s lifestyle. I can hardly stand it.

Beck said...

Our water isn't metered. We can water every other day, I think, BUT WE NEVER HAVE. Our lawn looks like crap! Do we care? I dunno.

Debbie said...

Oh, the grass looks lovely! Too bad you can't go out and enjoy it!

slouchy said...

wish you could come here. sunshine aplenty.

Janet said...

Today was a little better though except for the part where it, uh, rained. Just a little.

Our grass is so long! I was just out playing badminton on it. It kept tickling my ankles and making me think it was bugs. Creepy, jackass grass.

Mimi said...

Janet: husband is out mowing the lawn RIGHT NOW. You know, before it starts raining again.

Patti said...

We don't have grass so much as weeds and stones from a driveway that sort of ... used to be there.

I am whiling away this miserable wet cloudy thunderous summer by glaring at the weeds in my veggie garden.

Omaha Mama said...

I'm grateful that the pool we go to most is indoors because there hasn't been a lot of swimming weather 'round here. We haven't had a lot of rain lately, but it's been cool. Worrying about packing sweatshirts for daytrips in July is strange. As is buying a fire pit and making s'mores on your daughter's July b-day because come nightfall, it's gonna be chilly!
Think how lovely and enjoyable your lawn will be this fall, when it's hot and muggy.