Friday, November 20, 2009

13 minutes to midnigth!

Damn you, NaBloPoMo!

Let me tell you quickly that I had that parental cliché nightmare scenario at the grocery store today. You know, the one where your three year old is goofing off while you feverishly unpack items from the cart to the conveyor belt, and you take your eyes off her for ten seconds and ll of a sudden there's a terrible din and your three year old is in the middle of it and it appears in a flash that what has happened is that she has knocked over a giant angled display of boxes of Christmas chocolates and everyone in the whole world is looking at you?

Yeah. That happened.

Maybe I'll fill in the details tomorrow. But we were buying supplies for a party that has ended just this very minute, with 13 minutes to spare for concocting and publishing my Friday post.

Phew. Done.


the b in subtle said...

what should happen in a scenario like this is that the grocery store, ever intent on efficiency, sends someone immediately over to fix knocked over items and hands you a free box of Christmas chocolates to cushion the embarrassment factor and give some seasonal cheer. hopefully that's what followed. ;)

Omaha Mama said...

A party sounds fun!
That other part...not so much.

Kyla said...

Oh nooooo! We went to the mall last Saturday and KayTar knocked over a mannequin. We then invented the One Finger Touching Rule.

alejna said...

Oh dear! I suppose you can't really pretend she's not your child in a case like that.

(And yeah, I know about those almost-midnight NaBloPoMo posts.) (Or almost midnigth. Bad typists untie!)