Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

If you were wondering where the lions are, they were at my house last night:

Munchkin was the picture of adorable (as you can see) and it was Pynchon's year to tour her up to the end of the block and back, after which she stood in our own front door, hollering at the top of her lungs with excitement whenever she saw another kid coming. She ate a ton of candy, and then, bathed and full of milk and sugar, she conked out cold while we entertained some friends who live on a farm and thus don't get their own Halloween.

They told us that our street is right off a movie set, blowing yellow leaves rattling down a narrow street in between the feet of decorated toddlers and school kids, parents bringing up the rear with flashlights and greetings. Tall trees make a canopy of bare branches that rustle in the wind. Jack-o-lanterns glow from all the wide porches. It's pretty nice, for sure, and we feel a little more settled this year, for sure, our second kick at the pumpkin here.


I remember last year being really stressed about all the sugar sugar sugar! But this year I have realized that Halloween candy has so much redeeming value as a learning material: you can sort it into piles by colour, by type, by bulk. You can count it. You can learn to divide piles into equal shares for little girls and their My Little Ponies. Or you can make up hilarious songs about it:


slouchy said...

that is altogether the cutest!

Omaha Mama said...

Our street felt a little bit wonderful last night too. For 15 fantastic, rushed minutes, we saw all of the people in the neighborhood we know and J took the kids up our long street and back. Very fun.
I have to be a bit commando about the candy, our little guy has quite a sweet tooth. A little secret: I stash the good chocolates in the freezer and J & I secretly snack on it for a week. So far the kids have been none the wiser.

Patti said...

Love the song, complete with M&M percussion. :) I laughed, listening to her sing "won-hor-so-pen-sleigh". I sang that for years before I finally realized what the actual words were.

Nice to have you back in bloggy world!

Beck said...

Awwwww. The sweetie.
I don't stress out about the candy - I let them pig out and then I quietly hide it away to be doled out at my convience. Or eaten by me.

Jenifer said...

That is beyond cute! We let have one treat on Halloween night, is that mean?!

Now it is safely stashed away for them (me) to enjoy.

Jenifer said...

PS Love your Jack Skellington pumpkin!

Kyla said...

So cute!!

We don't have enough candy to worry about. Neither of my kids are huge candy fans and with the ban on nut-contaminated stuff, it is slim pickings.