Monday, November 23, 2009

I figured it out

Remember when I hacked off the end of my thumb last year, and failed once more to start the new year with grace, dignity, and professionalism?

Can you believe it's still not quite right? It's all healed over, of course, and the end of the thumb is all nice and round like before, but it's all scar tissue, and when I try to do something like button my jeans, it hurts, and I just figured out how to describe it.

You know how when you get a rock in your shoe, it hurts? Not bad, but tender and irritating? Like your sole is expecting to make contact with shoe, but there's something sharp and jabby in the way?

It's like I have a rock in my thumb, it's that exact sensation of something sharp and jabby at the end of my thumb where I expect to hit a smooth surface of, say, the button on my jeans.

Descriptive problem solved. You may all rest easier now.


Omaha Mama said...

Nerve damage?

That stinks. My ear is not quite right yet, after a month. Sort of the same thing. It's mostly right, until I try to sing in church and can only hear an echo of my own voice. Very annoying indeed.

Jenifer said...

Maybe get it looked at to make sure all is well...thumbs are very important.