Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WW: The Artist at Work

The portable dishwasher: not just a movable kitchen island, but also a movable painting easel.

I think she's got real talent ... I mean, this is what we've got hanging in the dining room and it doesn't look much different:


Omaha Mama said...

So cute! And I love your dining room decor, by the way. Your home is just lovely. :0)

Kyla said...

I think a fair amount of professional art could be outdone by most preschoolers. Heh.

Beck said...

Hey, I like your house!
She and The Baby could put on a show.

Jenifer said...

Your house looks like the perfect place for a cup of tea! Hint. ;)

Munchkin obviously has a gift...and what is the magic of paint? Marker and crayons are great, but paint puts my girls over the moon.