Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun, Old-fashioned Family Christmas

Like Clark Griswold, I tend to overdo it on the holidays. I say yes to too many parties, I bake too many cookies, I play too many Christmas CDs, I get too wound up from the end of November on--to the point that I redo my whole living room to look better in the Christmas morning photos. Obviously, I drink too much bourbon and eggnog.

What can I tell you? I just want to create and to experience a good old fashioned family Christmas. Hell, Christmas is even a favorite blog topic.

This year, the snow was slow in coming. Our social plans have gone a little ... awry. We missed one party because of sickness, we've had two sets of guests cancel on separate festivities at the last minute, my department is having a faculty-only party that spouses and families aren't welcome at, and tonight (because of one of these cancellations) I'm going to a Christmas party in a fancy dress and red accessories and with a box of cookies by myself.

Oh well.

Stuff happens, right? A lot is going right, actually. My sister came again this year (two weeks later than planned, but whatever!) and we baked for five hours. Munchkin helped.

We put up the tree, and Munchkin is actually old enough to put ornaments on the tree by herself, and to dig through all the decorations boxes with glee.*

The snow finally came (several weeks later than expected, but whatever!) and today we all bundled up and headed outside together. We shoveled and played and pulled Munchkin on the sled and threw snowballs in the brilliant sunshine. Wonderful.

So I think I'll focus on the things that we are doing, rather than the things that we're missing. With photos.

"Hope it enhances your enjoyment of the holidays."

* please notice! The living room looks better in the Christmas photos ALREADY. Renovation WIN!


Omaha Mama said...

I love all of the festive photos. I've been taking lots myself recently. I skipped a party Friday night that is usually one of my favorites. Sometimes you just have to move on and not dwell on that stuff that isn't happening. That's a great attitude! I'm taking a pile of baked gifts and handmade cards to church tomorrow for Sunday School teachers. It feels festive and fun. Just the way a season should!

ML said...

Saying everything I want to say would be a TMI-cry for attention thing, but I'm trying to share your focus this year on what is going right. I've also found that I'm photographing it all (maybe some sort of attempt to prove to myself it's all OK) and my pictures are almost as beautiful and heartwarming as yours - almost because I don't have any of me in apron (yet!). Thanks for this post. Happy Holidays!!!!

Beck said...

My camera is DEAD. I have no camera and it is CHRISTMAS!
Obviously, this is a tragedy.

But you know what? I'm just so grateful for everything this year - my neice is here safely! my youngest brother is being treated and is SO much better! The Baby survived that horrible experience and The Boy is SO much happier and we're all healthy and well... well. I'm pretty jolly.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Re-opening a box of ornaments is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. My kids' daycare teachers have had them make an ornament with a photo on it each year; it was kind of shocking this year to see those of my son, who is (somehow, unbelievably) nearly 8!

I love your daughter's all-pink snow gear.

Anonymous said...

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