Sunday, November 05, 2006

Neglect, guilt, and broken promises

Oh, blog, how I've missed you. Yes, the neglect has all been on my own side. But it's not my fault! Miss Baby has engaged in a campaign calculated to test the sanity of the hardiest of Mamas, and I'm not the hardiest! The Husband's work and reality-television obligations have removied him from our home for more hours than he manages to spend in it! And my free time has been spent reading reading reading, in five-minutes snatches, some of the most inspiring, moving, funny, and just generally awesome mommy blogs. How's a girl supposed to follow that up?

Oh, and then there was the salmonella poisoning, 8 hours in emerg, and 3 days in the bathroom. That kept me away from writing.

And then there were the fairly regular, "I can't do it" parenting-related crying jags. It's hard to type while you're sniveling and hysterical.

Well, I did spend all day yesterday shopping for new, non-maternity, non-stay-at-home-shlump clothes yesterday while Pynchon introduced Miss Baby to the bottle. Retail therapy is sometimes more appealing than a burst of bloggorhea. Sometimes :-)

Of course, it doesn't help that I have officially zero readers among the demographic segment that is not married to me. Hard to feel much compunction to keep up to date for, ah, myself.

But! Herewith a slew of posts, to make up for lost time, lost topics, and lost sleep ...

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