Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life becomes more civilized?

Witness the contents of my fridge last weekend ...

Yes, that's right! It's miniature bottles of champagne alongside miniature bottles of breastmilk! Hurrah and praise be, Miss Baby is well on her way to bottle expertise. The miniature champagne is for the miniature celebration that Pynchon and I later had over a friendly game of Scrabble (recreating our first date). He was celebrating finally being able to feed his baby daughter, and I was celebrating finally not having to feed his baby daughter.

Here's the act in progress. Doesn't she just look like a pro, and her Dada, too? I was so proud that after I took this picture, I kinda got the sniffles. I was very relieved, but also a little weirded out. I mean, no one but me has ever fed her before. Holy smokes. Um, and yes, she's swaddled. To within an inch of her life. Helps her concentrate ;-)

Anyhow, Miss Baby cried for about an hour for The Dada, before, as he says, "it's like a little light went off in her head" and she realized there was food in them thar nipple. Now, she drinks like a pro, I tells ya, a pro.

And the Scrabble was great. I won. The champagne? Delicious, and well-earned, if you ask me!

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Pynchon said...

I see you've posted YOUR scrabble win; thanks for sharing that with the WWW. I'll get you next time my pretty - BaWhaa-ha-ha!