Monday, November 20, 2006

Shroud of Poopin'

Deep down inside (well, actually, not deep down at all--I just flat out know it), I know that this photo crosses some sort of threshold from cute to gross. Sorry. But I can't help myself.

Yes, this is a poop outline of Miss Baby, from The Diaper Change to End All Diaper Changes. My goodness, but those breast milk poops are plentiful and runny. So this is the actually, unedited, marking that she left once the diaper and the onesie came off--that shmear up at the top right is where she, um, proceeded to pee in the whole mess. Ultimately, I just wrapped her in a receiving blanket and marched her off for an impromptu mid-day bath. And, of course, took this picture. The clarity of it appealed to me, the line-drawing quality, and, yes, the bum-cheek outline adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that, for me, places this photo back in the 'cute' category. But then, I'm her mother. I lack perspective.


Her Bad Mother said...

But... is that a coded message in the shroud? The number 13..., or is it I.E.?

Alpha Dogma said...

I will not interpret the diaper art. I defer to Sister Wendy Beckett on that matter.

Your post made me nostalgic. Nostalgic for the days before my 3 year old started examining his feces and recounting the food he's eaten in the last 24 hours, "Oh...corn from lunch - yesterday. I see grapes - I love grapes they are best. Can I have more?"

Of course he doesn't speak this clearly (he thinks the letter R is optional) but I can't type toddlerese without pissing off the reader and myself.

(BTW here is how I found you: from 'the madness of modern families' to 'bub and pie' where I read your comment)