Friday, November 17, 2006

True Story: Cat Edition, part 2

As usual, when Pynchon came home from work last night, I handed him his Miss Baby (or, as I like to call her at 5pm, 'your baby') and darted from the house to Starbucks, muttering stuff like 'she needs a nap' and 'hasta la vista, baby' while clutching my laptop like a life preserver.

Once more, while I knew that Poor Crazy Kitty was asleep in the nursing rocker in Miss Baby's dark room (did I mention we covered the window with black garbage bags, in hopes that maybe that would help her sleep?), I failed to pass this information along to the replacement shift.

Long story short: PCK slept right through the wind-down routine, with all the singing and pacing, a couple of minutes of Miss Baby token protest whines, and then the entire nap with the door latched shut, only to be discovered by Pynchon after Miss Baby woke up.

Don't tell my mom, okay? She's always hated PCK and is convinced that said pet harbours murderous intent towards Darling Granddaughter.

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Her Bad Mother said...

I happen to KNOW that our crazy kitties (both Siamese) YEARN for an overthrow of the tyrant baby. But I also know that they know their place, and that they respect the balance of power in the household, however much they might wish things were different.

(Thanks for dropping a comment at my urbanmoms blog...:))