Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Drug bust next door?

On Sunday morning, Miss Baby cut us some slack and snoozed her way to a 100 minute nap, so I thought I'd get all festive and start on the Christmas cards, leading to the following scene at our dining room table.

Note all the requisite elements scattered around the little space I've left myself to scribble: snowman decoration, coffee in Xmas mug, address book, stamps, assortment of cards, multi-colored pens. The breast pump component up in the right corner might seem overkill, but hey--I had a lot of cards to do, and who knew how long that nap was going to last? :-)

However, I soon became too distracted to work. Because when I turn my head to the left and look out the window, I see this.

Yup. Two squad cars. There's another one you can't see. These were soon followed by an ambulance, and the spectacle of three officers and two paramedics warily circling the building, and then finally disappearing into it after about half an hour. Eventually, the paramedics reemerged with a really drunk guy, whom they drove away in the ambulance. We're still pretty sure it was some kind of drug bust because, well, we've seen it before. In the house across the street. If you look at the top of the rightmost pane of my dining room window, you'll see a house with a purple porch. Grow-op! Busted last year. Squad cars aplenty, and a police trailer to haul away evidence. And, best of all, a sandwich board announcing the shutting down of a drug house. During the bust! Is nothing advertising-free?

Anyhow, thought you all might like to share in this weekend's excitement, and figured I ought to offer something good, having been offline for so long. (Computer now fixed. Hurrah!) And Merry It's Almost Xmas Time!!!!


Alpha Dogma said...

I'm enamoured by the idea of a sandwich board announcing closure of the drug den. Do you think it was meant for the general public? Like a PR message of "See we are doing good deeds." Or is it because the police know that erstwhile drug addicts could not be counted on to get the not-so-subtle message: cops = no drugs?
I guess I should get my ass in gear and start with our Christmas cards. Or at least buy some seasonal stamps before they are all sold out and I'm stuck with the generic flag variety.

cinnamon gurl said...

Your neighbourhood looks almost as nice as ours... I'm hoping to send out the last of our birth announcements as Christmas cards, now that our wee one is 10 months old. Yep, we're pathetic. Can't even get the birth announcements out.