Sunday, December 03, 2006

Powerbook is sick! Woe is Mimi!

Hello small band of actual returning readers ... My computer, a beloved 15" Mac Powerbook is in the shop, because I updated the software, attempted to reboot ... and got ... nothing. So now I'm on Pynchon's gazillion year old Dell and all my thinkings and stuff are on the Powerbook. Please direct your collective thoughts towards the speedy recovery of the Silver Bullet.

Oh dear. And this has made me much behind on my blogging:
* I went back to work on Friday!
* Pynchon's a stay-at-home Daddy!
* I have a post about my feet to share with you!
* I have photos of the drug bust next door

(Alpha Dogma, this last is for you -- there's another photo of the interior of my house, and its lovely wavy-glass original windows ... overlooking 3 squad cars, an ambulance, and the Sketchy Triplex Next Door. To help you love your seventies burb :-) )

More soon, Steve Jobs willing ... sigh ...

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