Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi! Um, make yourself comfy!

I don't mind telling you that since Her Bad Mother tagged (and linked) me yesterday, my traffic here has increased. It has, in fact, more than quadrupled. So lots of you have never been here before, so I wanted to say: WELCOME! I know that whenever I follow links from a site I like to a new site, and there's an archive and what seem to be continuing conversations, I feel a little awed and a little awkward, so I just thought I'd tell you were just folks over here.

In fact we're a little embarrassed.

If we'd know you were all coming over, we would've at least brushed our hair ;-)


gingajoy said...

lady--i just saw your comment, and you need to give me your email. i promise not to sell it! (i don't see it on your site).

if you get travel/conf funding, you should come with to the conf!

email me at

Denguy said...

Sweet hair-do.