Monday, February 12, 2007

Paging Dr. Google

Did you know that if you Google the words "baby ate philodendron", this very blog is the number three hit? I know this because Sitemeter reports that today some similarly hapless parent to myself undertook this very search, and came here for succor. At least briefly. So, to you, Massachusetts parent of plant-chomping child I say: Everything is going to be okay! But don't call the 1-800 number in the photo, because I think it's for Canada only ...

Anyhow, I called Pynchon to tell him of this latest proof of the Internet's moving in mysterious ways (you know, how we were doing this very search on Friday, and are now the target of this search) and he said, self-consciously, "Great, now the whole Internet can find out about how I almost poisoned our baby."

But I'm thinking: doesn't this just point to how very very normal we are?


NotSoSage said...

Mimi, I have been thinking about this ever since Anonymous left a helpful tip, in a comment to my Jamie Oliver post, that by putting the words "bottomless tart pans" in quotation marks I might avoid hitting the dirty sites that I mentioned in my post (who's saying I didn't want to hit those sites?). In fact, I had never actually googled the words separately (can you hear my Medline course instructors cheering?); that was simply another of my ill-fated attempts at levity.

I checked sitemeter and can only guess that the person who got to my site by googling "bottomless tart pans" (#1, baby!) was the ever-helpful Anonymous. So, what do we do when the googler becomes the googlee?

Oops...and now you, too, will likely come up on a search for bottomless tart pans. Oh no! It's catching!

NotSoSage said...

Oops, I'm #5 there's an s on the last word, and #1 if there isn't.

Bloor West Mama said...

Hey, at least you have achieved something that is coveted by many be on the first page of Google.This is something to be proud of.

Beck said...

I amused myself by thinking of all of the things my middle child ate between the ages of 1 1/2 and 3 and I was going to put a list in your comments but it was too long. So I'll just comment, reassuringly, that some kids are just very, very oral.

Mimi said...

Um, Beck, now you have to tell me what Middle Child ate! I'm desperate to know. One of my colleagues had to have a quarter removed from her daughter's stomach ...

Sage -- you're number one! and I clicked your link, if that will somehow help with your ranking (I have but the dimmest understanding of PageRank)

nomotherearth said...

The Boy has never eaten a plant, but he does like to eat our shopping lists. Strange.

gingajoy said...

ha! the other week i was going through the search strings that get people to my site--"cesarian incision stink." "jane seymour's living room" and "frigging ginger root." to name but a few.

most popular "i hate sting" (which i do).

Beck said...

Here you go - and this is just The Boy, mind:
1. He drank about 1/15th of a bottle of elderly perfume. Luckily, it was so old that it had practically no alcohol content left.
2. A large bite from a bar of Ivory Soap.
3. A generous swig of lemon dish soap.
4. A generous swig of some smelly bodywash.
5. A generous swig from a bottle of shampoo.
6. Comet cleaner, the scariest and most toxic thing on this list.
7. Ferns.
8. And this isn't eating but still - he shoved a large bead so far up his nose that he nearly needed surgery.

Jenifer G. said...

So so so normal. Who is watching who these days?

Thanks to Beck, that is one clean boy ! This list was so funny (well, maybe not her her).

Thanks for sharing. Normal parenting. Love it.