Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two Good Days

I think Miss Baby and I are finding our weekend groove, by which I mean that each of us is getting, more or less, our needs met without conflict.

To wit: we have taken two major excursions in two days, both wildly successful. Saturday was our once-monthly mommy group lunch, four ladies and four babies, and a potluck feast. In the past, we've had to come early or leave late because of naps and moods and generally I'd resigned myself to just gritting my teeth for the car yelling and the snowsuit protesting and the strange-making that seemed necessarily to come with a nice hour with the ladies and the babies. But yesterday! No yelling! No too-tired meltdowns! No car freakouts! I think--holy smokes!--I think, by gum, she had fun. And so did I. Who knew?

Today, we drove to Nearby Town to see one of my best friends and her family. The last time we went, with Pynchon, Miss Baby screamed for most of the 45 minute drive there and back: I cried, Pynchon cried, there was not enough Tylenol in the house for everyone. This was the incident that provoked our car trip moratorium and led to our abandoning mobility in favor of quiet lo these many months. Apparently, now we can have both: she slept 35 minutes on the way there, and the rest of the drive quietly talking to herself and her toys. On the way home, she slept 60 minutes, a milestone unmet for at least three weeks. In between the going and the coming, she charmed friend and family and was a general treat to be around. I caught up with my friends and felt my soul enlarge as a result.

To repeat: Miss Baby and I have left the house and come back to it, without incident. We have socialized with ladies and babies and dogs and cats, without incident. We have bundled into and out of snowsuits, into and out of car seats, without incident.

If this is life with a baby, I'll take it. Gratefully.


Beck said...

It took us QUITE a while after the birth of each baby to get a good rythym, to figure out how to go about our lives. I think that's normal. You sould like you're adapting so well to the rather mind-boggling challenges of life with a small child!

Jenifer G. said...

Isn't it nice when you hit your groove? To be honest I was extremely lucky and Papoosie Girl (our first) was a very good traveler we were out and about very early on. She loved the car and we often used it to MAKE her sleep.

We had other challenges though and finding a groove for whatever it is a relief.

Sounds like a fun weekend and I can hear it in your voice how relieved you are too.

I did your meme by the way....come by and check out my "demeanor." ;)

NotSoSage said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I think this was around the age, with Mme L, that car trips got easier, too...I remember the first time we drove to Guelph and she slept for most of it -- we felt like we'd hit the jackpot! This is what it's like to have a car soothe a child to sleep! Yay!

And, yay!

Mad Hatter said...

Hey, Miss Baby. Glad to hear you finally got the memo.

Bloor West Mama said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend.

I too find driving with her a little stressful. But things have improved a great deal, it is certainly much easier as they get older.

nomotherearth said...

Wow. That sounds heavenly. I think the Boy and I are finding our groove too. A lot of it is me accepting that we can't do EVERYTHING. Much better since then.

Melanie said...

Congrats to you - that is a milestone! Car rides can be such a lovely thing when babies find themselves accidentally napping. The accidental nap - a mommy's best friend...illusive as it may be!

Mimi said...

I guess I do sound more peaceful, eh? I'm feeling a little less anxious for sure, and I can't believe how much more pleasant it is to bring Miss Baby out with me now -- it's not like I'm going back to Life Like It Was Before (I mean, I'm going out TO PLAYDATES) but simple mobility without major tears and hollering really feels like such a blessing now. Yeesh.