Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rituals and Change

I love to go for brunch. When Pynchon and I started dating--well, when he started staying over at my place--I began to inculcate in him this love too. We made it a regular weekend event: big brunch at nearby greasy spoon, reading the Globe, then home for a nap. When we moved here, we looked for a long time to find our perfect brunch spot. We finally found it when we bought our house: ahh, The CB, where they always tease us and they always remember our order. When I was pregnant I craved it a lot, and craved the post-brunch nap almost as much.

When Miss Baby was born (4:30am Friday), our very first family outing (11am Sunday) was to The CB.

She's sound asleep of course, as they tend to be as teeny newborns. I am so happy to be drinking a coffee and reading my Globe, that I don't mind my postpartum belly that still bumps the table, or that I'm wearing Pynchon's clothes still. Hurrah for brunch!

Of course, once Miss Baby got to be about two months old, brunch was out: she wouldn't sleep any more in public, and demanded to be in constant motion. The next several months are a blur of marching. Any brunches taken were solo outings, respite from the chaos at home.

Recently, though, we've been going back together, she and I. We let Pynchon sleep, usually. Miss Baby sits in a high chair now, and can entertain herself with toys and cheerios while I (gasp!) read my Globe. When my food comes, she eats my toast and I put down my paper and we 'talk'. The waitresses coo over her and she flirts with everyone. We all have a great time.

This morning, Pynchon came with us, a 'family brunch', and I asked him to take a picture, Miss Baby incorporated into our ritual, but changing it too.

When I look at these two pictures, I'm really taken with the difference that 10 months can make. Look at how we've changed! I look more like myself and she's come into herself, aware that The Dada is taking her picture and composing herself accordingly. But also the continuities: I still order the veggie omelette, and I'm still starting with the Style section once I had Pynchon the sports.

I hope we can do this together for a long time.


Omaha Mama said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your daughter. Isn't it fun to go out as a "family"? I'm enjoying that too, it makes the little ones seem so much more human. It's nice to have traditions - thanks for sharing yours.

slouching mom said...

Oh, those pictures are great! In the second one you both look so content.


Beck said...

I can't get over how you're SITTING DOWN in the first photo! But both pictures are lovely - and yes, the difference between a newborn and an older baby is just huge, isn't it? This sudden appearance of a PERSON. Magic!

bubandpie said...

We have yet to try taking both children on a restaurant outing like that. It would probably be fine - but the thought is nerve-wracking.

I am in a terrible grump this morning due to the non-delivery of the Sunday paper. Where is my crossword???

Sunday brunch was my downfall when I was pregnant. It was the "French combo": eggs, French toast, three kinds of meat, hashbrowns AND a side of toast and jam.

cinnamon gurl said...

iPood... Ha!

I'm studying your pick to see if I recognize you... maybe it's the power of suggestion, but I think maybe I can imagine you the way you described yourself from way back when.

We've always gone out with Swee'pea because we often get very lazy and just don't want to cook. And we love brunch too. In fact, we may just go now... mmm... Brunch.

Jenifer said...

I could have written this post! Although we don't always bring the paper with us...sometimes though. Our girls have been going out for breakfast with us since conception too!

We still do it as often as we can. Our girls are so used to restaurants it is no issue. It is such a nice ritual and I could not have documented it better.

And I often take Rosebud out for breakfast during the week just for a special treat. She starts JK in the fall so I know our days are numbered. It is nice to have this special time together.

The pictures are so normal and magical such a short time span really, but a lifetime too.

Love this post Mimi.

Bloor West Mama said...

Ah, the good old days, we used to go to our local greasy spoon breakfast place all the time. Now Isa will not stand still in one spot for more than 15 mins, so instead of going out we have a nice big breakfast at home.

Bon said...

rituals rock, especially those involving brunch. Miss Baby looks pretty content dining out, like this is just a normal extension of mealtimes at home...we've been lucky in that O seems to feel the same.

i love it when people post their own pictures...a face to put with the words and personality. you and Miss Baby are beautiful. what sweet cheeks she has! (and i love the "ipood")

Her Bad Mother said...

We do this too, but WonderBaby insists upon her own newspaper.

She reads the Post, because she's edgy like that.

nomotherearth said...

We just went out for brunch as a family a couple of weekends ago, and it was so nice to relax and eat greasy food together. Ah, bliss.

crazymumma said...

Family rituals are wonderful, I hope you keep doing it for a long time as well. But damn woman, now I'm hungry!

Mad Hatter said...

Miss M loves going to the all you can eat buffet brunch at the Delta, or as she calls it "The Big House." A party dress MUST be worn. Hotel brunches being a step up from what we're used to, we usually make it there about once every 3 months.

Love the photos. I'm still trying to get used to the blond you.

Denguy said...

We had the same ritual in our old 'hood, we did it for ten years. We took The Bug there when she was four days old. Our breakfast place was the Logan Grill. But, alas, we live in the west end now.

By the way, the "iPood" shirt is way funny.

NotSoSage said...

Ugh. I tried to comment on this a couple of days ago and blogger was eating everything.

We've been eating out with Mme L (probably more often than we should...eep) since the begginning, too. Although I wasn't allowed to take stairs for 5 days (and she was born on the 2nd floor of our house) and our first outing was actually to the last of our childbirthing classes (oops!). It's wonderful and, with a few exceptions, she's been very cooperative. I find the hardest bit back then was finding a place with a bathroom with a good floor plan and a floor clean enough that I could change Mme L on it. But you guys are smart, stick to the places you know.

Anonymous said...

Plus ca change...

gingajoy said...

I am dying for my five month old to get into finger foods (i.e. recreational eating) so we can do this. Actually, he's pretty mellow. We're lucky in that. His four year old brother is another story entirely... (yay for brunch, thoough!)

iPood. (snort)