Thursday, March 20, 2008

The awful truthiness

Why don't I just start with my setup shot: this one is so bad, no matter how the rest of it goes, it's gotta be better than ...

Which is the first shot I took at 4:30 this morning when I got up to read blogs because I had insomnia. So definitely no coffee, no shower, no grooming. Also, it's freezing so I'm hunching in on myself to stay warm.

Slightly better (really? is it really?) is my second attempt:

Overexposed and washed out ... not just Mimi, but Mimi's image as well! Woo!

You know what's worse though? Here's what I looked like at 7:15 pm, after I put Munchkin to bed and straggled back down to the disaster that was my kitchen:

In my defense, I am sick AGAIN and was in a total rush and a frazzle all day today, missing work in the morning to bring the Giant Toddler for her well-baby checkup (she's in the 75th percentile! For kids 15 months older than her!) and then wiping out on the ice on the walk in to work, and having left my makeup in the car where it froze and not being able to run the hair dryer because it freaks Munchkin out ...

Still. You sorta wonder how my kid turned out so adorable:

"Is this the bunny with the chocolate? I'd better put on my cute face just to be sure."

No, Munchkin, the chocolate bunnies are all Way the Hell Up North, and so there we will head tomorrow, to spend the weekend with your grandparents. Say bye-bye to the nice bloggers!

(See you when we get back. Unless I scared you all away with the photos.)


Beck said...

Have a fun trip! Those are awesomely brave photos (and not bad at ALL for the middle of the night, yeesh!) - and I am SO glad to hear that I'm not the only person who gets up at 4:30 to read blogs when I can't sleep.

Bon said...

hey, i've had insomnia all week too!

sucks ass. and i haven't been brave enough to post photos.

love the first one. i think you've got the spirit of this just right.

Jenifer said...

You look nothing I do when I get up in the night!

Have fun way the Hell up North!

Shelly! said...

So...I know you don't always enjoy your trips WTHUP...but they do provide for good blog fodder. Be safe. And enjoy the trip.

As for sickiness...I am sick AGAIN TOO! What is the deal?

Oh, The Joys said...

You are beautiful to me, sister!

Kyla said...

What a doll! That Munchkin sure is a cutie.

And you? You are cute, too. (and I'm in awe of how well behaved your hair is. Mine is quite the nightmare in the morning)

kittenpie said...

Have a fun trip!

And I wouldn't say you look bad, you tired and chilly and maybe stressed, as I would be (all those tings) too, if I woke up at 4:30 am!

Cloud said...

Personally, I'm hiding behind the "no identifiable pictures" policy on my blog and avoiding this meme.

But I'm impressed by those of you who are doing it!

And I don't think your pictures were bad.

nomotherearth said...

I wouldn't look nearly that good at 4:30am, that's for sure.

That is a great picture of the Munchkin too.

Mad said...

You know and I know that there is no truthiness in those photos. You look nothing like the tired self you've presented here.

Christine said...

i hope you had a great easter!

and, dude, even without makeup and bright smiles you look WAY better than i would at 430 am!

Running on empty

Dawn said...

I think you look adorable for 4:30 in the morning. You should have seen me when I rolled out of bed at 6:15 today, hair totally standing on end on one side of my head, completely matted down on the other.

I see where your darling Munchkin gets her cuteness.

Hope you had fun WTHUN and that the Easter Bunny was good to the whole family.

slouching mom said...

I dunno...

i see big blue eyes (they are blue, yes? they look it in the third photo), an adorable haircut, and...someone who looks frazzled. now if you had smiled... but then i guess there would have gone the truthiness. a conundrum.

and the photo of your Munchkin is adorable. in part because she's SMILING!

the new girl said...

Stop it.

It takes more than that to scare ME.

Plus, that is ONE CUTE KID!

heh heh. Giant Toddler.