Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter goodies

Oh, Way the Hell Up North ... we're so relaxed when we go there, but the 400km of skidoo-tourist-clogged roads and holiday traffic, frankly, are a real bitch. Doesn't help that on the way home Sunday, Pynchon got pulled over after a mere 30km on the road: speeding ticket. However, I had the good sense to become violently ill at exactly this moment, and the spectacle of me barfing into a snowbank probably made the cop feel bad, because he reduced our ticket. Next, we hit massive rubbernecker traffic jam at the 401/407 interchange: we did 5km in one hour, lurching and stopping, lurching and stopping, lurching and stopping when we should have been on the home stretch. And me in the front seat trying valiantly lo the past four hours trying to not barf. Again. Pynchon had to pull over to pee. As traffic crawled by slow enough to, um, make out the brand of his jeans, many people honked and jeered. Pynchon swore and gesticulated madly in return, threatening sure death on anyone who woke the baby or made his wife barf. Good times!

But. This:

New Easter dress from Sears: I couldn't resist. Could you?

Looks good, yeah, but she don't smell so great: failing the Gramma sniff test.

Learning how to hunt for large plastic eggs lying out in plain view on the carpet.

Gramma demonstrates how edible material can be extracted from harvested plastic egg.

"Hey ... wait a minute ... this doesn't taste like egg! What's going on here, Easter Bunny?"

*I'm not pregnant. I'm just barfing. Seriously.


Beck said...

OH OH OH! I've ordered The Baby the SAME outfit! That Sears.
It's very relaxing living up here, too, unless you have to drive anywhere and then NOT SO MUCH.
It looks like a LOVELY visit.

Mimi said...

Ha! Beck, I was totally thinking of you when I was at Sears. Totally. LOOOVE the toddler dresses. My whole childhood was outfitted by Sears ...

slouching mom said...

oh, man. poor you, barfing on the road. i'm so sorry. really? not pregnant?

and here i see you smiling, and you look beautiful!

cinnamon gurl said...

Thanks for the clarification... are you sure??? ;)

Jenifer said...

Sears the place of dresses...we just bought Papoosie Girl's First Communion dress at Sears last week.

On an unrelated note I love the rock wall at your parents..it is very cool.

Mimi said...

Jenifer -- it's cultured stone, and it's the fireplace surround. Very dramatic, and yes, cool :-)

Kyla said...

Yes, women aren't allowed to barf without clarifying they are NOT in fact harboring a fetus.

She is a DOLL. Oh my!

(puking on trips is the worst. I once had to puke into a ziploc bag in the front seat next to Josh...he somehow still finds me attractive. LOL)

nomotherearth said...

I actually really like Sears for kids clothes. That last photo rocks.

kittenpie said...

Oh my, she is turning into a real girl CHILD, from the baby she was, isn't she?!

And carsickness is terrible - is it a frequent affliction or was this somethign flu-ier? How wretched. Hope you're feeling better now. (And I have to laugh over the need to insist on not being pregnant every time you feel ill. It's the curse of the childbearing years, I tell you!)

Jenifer said...

Back to say what I forgot the first time - your hair looks great! I love the modern bob thing. I am in the process of growing mine out - yuck!

NotSoSage said...

But what else can barfing mean? I am a bad epidemiologist...which may be why I'm not completing my degree. :)

And, my, that little girl...she's HUGE. Where have I been?

Dawn said...

You poor dear! You've been sick so much! I was hoping you were in the home stretch to good health, much as I finally am!

Take care of yourself.

You and Munchkin both look beautiful. The dress is darling but made more so by that adorable model.

Christine said...

oooh--she looks like a little doll in that sweet dress! sorry to hear about the barfing--yuck.

Running on empty

the new girl said...

I hear the words that you're saying but by the end of the post, all I'm thinking about is your cuuuuute girl.

That face in the last photo is PRICELESS.