Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New! House!

The keys to our new house dropped into my hands on Thursday--well, one key, anyway, enough to get through the front door and marvel at the midafternoon emptiness of it. One key through one lock, opened one door into a foyer, and up the stairs, and into each room and each closet, sniffing out the space like a cat, running my fingers over everything. Mine. Ours. Under the stairs, up into the attic, open all the kitchen cupboards and drawers, turn on all the taps, experiment with the thermostat. Lie down on the floor in Munchkin's room, to contemplate this ceiling that is ours now, too.

Step everywhere, touch everything. Open the windows and look through them all. And then out into the yard! Ours, too! Walk the perimeter, touch the trees, the flowers, look around. Drink it in.

Then into action: I brought a blanket, some juice boxes, three pairs of Crocs. A bottle of champagne, a package of cookies. Art from daycare, some tape. The toy farm and all its constituent animals. My cell phone. A new doormat in front of my new door. Our new door.

I made a picnic for my family while they were busy with their days; I picked everyone up and phoned ahead for pizza. We begin to make our house our home, by our presence, by our rituals, by these little celebrations, the three of us, together:

The previous homeowner had heard that Munchkin was really taken with this kitty-cat cookie jar, and left it behind for us. I filled it with cookies, and Munchkin is full of praise for "Mar-ga-ret, Mar-gar-ret, leave you a cookie jar wif a cookie in it."

An empty house, with a Fisher-Price farm in it? Is home:

We had our picnic in the 'dining room' on a blanket, balancing plates of pizza and watermelon and grapes on our laps. Munchkin loved it. I think we all did:

Our celebrations are family celebrations now, with little boxes of apple juice nestled in the fridge next to the champagne.

I was very sad to think of leaving our first home, our home that Pynchon and I bought as newlyweds, our home where Munchkin was conceived and where we got to know each other. I was thus surprised at how right it felt to walk into this new home together, Munchkin discovering her new room! new room! with her daycare art taped to the door, running into and out of all the closets and yelling boo! How right it felt to hear Pynchon opening and shutting all the cupboards as he explored. To move into this house as our family of three, all together, eating pizza on a blanket and scattering plastic animals all around, everyone in their slipper-Crocs, all together.


Anonymous said...


nomotherearth said...

Oh how exciting! Delivery pizza really does make it home for me..

Omaha Mama said...

Sounds like you've got memories made already. That's just beautiful. I can't wait to see your new home take shape (hint, hint).

Cloud said...

Congratulations! It was the house story that first "hooked" me on your blog. I am so happy to read of the happy conclusion! I hope you have many years of happy memories in your new house.

Patti said...

Me too - that's when I started reading your blog. Very, very happy for you.

Assertagirl said...

Oh, congratulations to you three! I was just wondering the other day when you'd be getting possession of the new place. Sounds wonderful already! (And is that a stainless steel countertop because OMG.)

Mimi said...

Amy, yup--it extends about 2 feet on either side of the sink (it's all one piece). It's a million years old and dented all to hell, so phew, no pressure on me to not ding it!

Nomo--I'd like to say pizza is a special treat for us. That would be a lie. It's sorta a staple ;-)

Beck said...

I was most taken with Margaret's cookie jar. AW!
I hope this is a wonderful home for you guys for years and years and years. Congratulations!

Bea said...

Such pretty floors!

So, are you thinking of painting?

naomicatgirl said...

yay! Congratulations!

the new girl said...

I don't know why, Mimi, but this choked me up.

So sweet. The cookie jar, the picnic, the artwork, the farm? All of it.

Especially that picture of Munchable Munchkin walking up the steps.

Kyla said...

Oh yay! Congratulations. It sounds like home.

motherbumper said...

I WANT YOUR KITCHEN (from what I can see). That is the rocking-ist picnic ever and congratulations on the new home. Big sigh - it's so wonderful that you have finally rounded that corner (ha! I crack myself up).

kittenpie said...

What a nice way to intro yourselves to the house! And how sweet and thoughtful of that lady to leave the cookie jar. And how much do I lvoe your stainless counter?! Cool.

crazymumma said...

oh my gawd. You are so instinctive!

you made so many awesome choices in how to enter into this new....home together.

awesome. It looks amazing congratulations!

Bon said...

congratulations Mimi! i've always loved the emptiness of new spaces about to become mine, the sense of possibility and the adventure of picnicking on a floor.


NotSoSage said...

Lovelylovelylovely. Congratulations and welcome home!

I should have Joe read this because I know he's struggling with the idea of moving. From our first house. Where Mme L was born in the master bedroom. Me? I have moved enough to feel that it's what we take with us, not what we leave behind, that makes our house a home. You've confirmed it.

Jenifer said...

Oh Wow! What a gorgeous house! I love the idea of starting right off with a pizza picnic, it is just beginning of many happy memories.

Congratulations on your new home!

Kidlicious said...

What fun memories you are building already. I love how you got the picnic all ready.

We are just now starting in the process of building a new house and the situation as you described it is how I picture our first night in our house - except there will be 5 of us - 7 if you count the dogs! (OMG)

Congratulations! I can't wait to hear all the new memories and stories you will build.

Anonymous said...



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