Sunday, March 01, 2009

And so on and so forth

UPDATE! It's acute sinusitis, with developing secondary bronchitis. Doctor told me I looked terrible, and suggests in future I stay away from sick people ... okey-dokey then.

Academics have more speaking tics than other people, I think. Maybe it comes from spending so many hours of every work week filling the air of the classroom (and, it is to be hoped, the minds of the undergraduates seated therein) with the sounds of our voices. Conscious, perhaps, of hogging the floor in so many of our verbal interactions with others, we seem, we professors, to self-deprecatingly indicate that we know we ramble. We tend, when speechifying among ourselves, to interrupt our own monologues and trail off, hands waving, into "etc, etc, etc" or "and so on and so forth" or in my own decisively pop-culture-attuned way, "blah blah blah" or "yadda yadda yadda".

What I've got, lately, is a whole lot of "and so on and so forth", which is why I've not been around.

I've been sick for a month, cancelling more classes this year than in the previous four combined, while working on two fantastically busy committees, sleeping 14 hours a day if I can, yadda yadda yadda.

I miss my family, because I'm always working or sleeping, and they're so adorable, and poor Pynchon is doing the work of both parents and it's not like he's not busy, etc etc etc.

Because I'm only operating--at best--at about 60% capacity, when I can drag myself upright at all, all my work is either half-assed or desperately tardy, so now we can add panic attacks to the litany of problems above, blah blah blah.

I've become so weak that I got winded walking to the end of my block and had to go back to bed. And so on and so forth.

I'm too tired to read and too bored of my own life to write. I'll see you all again if I ever, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, recover from the five constant weeks now of flu-cold-shakes-snot-coughing-exhaustion-feel-like-shit routine I'm boring myself to death with. I'm angry and bored: it's no longer fun to cuddle under the duvet in a cough syrup fog, and I want my life back.

Tell me: are any of you routinely sick for six or seven weeks in a row every winter? What the hell can I do?


Mamalooper said...

My six weeks of sick was interrupted by a brief teaser of wellness. Also doing the cough/fever/sneeze/sorethroat/exhaustion thing over here.

I think it drags on because there's no downtime - the same responsibilities chug along merrily with me just dragging my a** to meet them.

It sucks!

Beck said...

I've had a draggy coldish thing for weeks now, but EVEN WITH THAT it's been my healthiest winter in, OH A FREAKING DECADE. My kids are older now and not giving me so many cooties, you see. Next year, when Baby is in Pre-K, i fully expect to catch the PLAGUE from the little nose picker.

So. Have older kids is my advice. You should be fine again in about five years.

Omaha Mama said...

Supplements? Broccoli? Acai berry?
Keep on keepin' on. Sun is on its way (in 4-6 weeks?).
I've been seeing a chiropractor since May and have barely had a cold. He gives adjustments and I take a series of anti-inflammation vitamins (magnesium, a multi-vitamin, nothing too funky). It's my healthiest year, by far, in quite some time.

Kyla said...

Have you been to the doctor? You sound much sicker than a run of the mill draggy cold. Perhaps a chest x-ray and some antibiotics are in your future?

I hope you feel better soon.

Cloud said...

Once you're over the current illness, get yourself tested for allegies and/or asthma. I used to spend much more time sick before I got those two things under control. The first cold season after I got my allergies under control was amazing. I couldn't believe how healthy I was.

Feel better soon!

ML said...

I second the allergy/asthma comment(s). I discovered my allergy to almost everything airborne at age 27 and have been a whole new woman since getting treated. My husband has been diagnosed and treated for asthma at 40 and suffers less from the cooties brought home by our little ones. This recent bug has gotten almost everyone (not our house yet)and lingers like crazy!! We're missing all of our playdate and bloggy friends. Best wishes to you for a rapid recovery.

Patti said...

I haven't been sick this winter, but everyone around me has, which has turned me into a germophobe who clutches her purse-size hand-sanitizer everywhere she goes.

I have heard that this year's flu is a 6-weeker, so maybe you're almost through it.

Hope you feel better soon, can breathe easily, no fever, and so on and so forth (picture my hands waving vaguely).

Debbie said...

I'm incredibly lucky, and rarely get sick. But, hubs is currently recovering from bronchitis, which started out viral, went bacterial, and now is only causing him to cough once per night, instead of all night. It's been going on 7 weeks now.

About once a week he has a really bad day of coughing, but at the beginning it was 2 weeks of really bad coughing and no sleep.

I hope you're feeling better soon and go see a doctor if you haven't. Anything longer than 2 weeks is too long.

Mandy said...

Definitely not as sick as you have been. However, daycare is not conducive to any household's overall health.

I do hope you are on the mend soon!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Oh, how awful. I have that same illness --- I'm only on day 5 and am bored of it and myself.

I wonder if sunlight would help you. My coworker has one of those natural-light lamps and it is a-maz-ing how it cheers a person.

Also? Tulips.

kittenpie said...

We've gone one of the pat four weeks without a sick day. Stomach bug, strep throat, croup... Yup. Must be winter.

Denguy said...

Nope. I'm never sick--oh, except for the WHOLE DAMN MONTH OF JANUARY this year, for crying out loud.

Mad said...

No. Never sick for that long, although I have been flat on my ass for the last week. That's one more week off work after the surgery debacle. Feel like the worst employee ever.