Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh, um, yeah ... come on in!

[Doorbell rings]

[Mad dash from bathroom, in robe, fearing doorbell will enrage Munchkin, who is just easing into the tail end of a tantrum, at 10pm]

"Oh, um, yeah ... HI! Come on in, yes yes yes, it's great to see you, I'm so glad you could come over! Oh this? No, it's nothing, I just got out of the shower, of course come in come in. Let me just ... ah [pulls down robe, to better cover rear end] errr, I mean [now pulls robe up, to better cover top half]. Wow, can I get you a beer? Wine? God, I need something ... no really, come in. Okay. Pynchon? Yeah, he's just upstairs with Munchkin. She woke up and had a total fit--oh no, you didn't wake her! It's just ... I was going into the shower and then he went upstairs. Geez. Never mind. He'll be down in a minute. Do you mind? If I just go upstairs and put something on?"

[Dashes up back staircase, trying not to flash houseguests during the getaway. Grabs clean clothes out of laundry basket, but not before grabbing camera out of home office to take a quick and humiliating snap, with a view to turning this awful moment into a possibly entertaining, 'thank god it was her and not me' blog post.]

[Can you believe this photo is actually more flattering than the real deal? You can't really see the 3/4 " mascara smear under each of my eyes. Ouch.]


Patti said...

"thank god it was her and not me"

See, I just wouldn't answer the door.

Omaha Mama said...

Did your story have a happy ending - did you at least get to have that beer?

Mimi said...

Patti, but they would've kept ringing! And we invited them! And they live RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET and can clearly see that we're home! It was a bad scene, surely.

OM, oh yes, I drank. White wine.

Patti said...



then i can't help you.

that's what you get for making friends with the neighbours.


Anonymous said...

My mascara is obviously a lot more... runny? I wouldn't dare answer the door in case any visitors thought I was having a mental breakdown and crying A LOT. Or I had actually turned into a panda.

Beck said...

I wear a LOT of black eyeliner, so by the end of the day I look like an extra from that Russian movie. You know? That movie? It's Russian and old and very Film 101?

I frequently have to run to the door in a towel, which is because I know people who think that it's okay to just drop in at 7:30 in the morning. NO IT IS NOT.

Kyla said...

Oh no! Hahaha!

Janet said...

I bow to your willingness to share the towel-hair picture on the Internet. Although you look better just out of the shower than I look with full makeup. Huh.

Jenifer said...

Hello! Finally catching up and sorta speed reading the last few months of posts. Gosh Munchkin is getting big. Sounds like you had a full up spring and are ready for summer.