Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Victoria Day Weekend in Photos

Three days of weekend is a lot of fun to pack in!

To the farmer's market! On the bus! With a friend!

Visiting the next door neighbours! Who have, omigod, omigod, PINK chairs!

A concert in the Queen's namesake park, again accessed by a bus ride! ("Mom, let's be conductors, and conduct with our feet! Like this! Wave your feet, Mom!")

A stroll across the park's many pedestrian bridges, and, miracle! Canoeists who wave!

Helping with the gardening, by setting up a camp of tiny Doras and Barbies and teeny-weeny knick-knackery in an imaginary jungle on the front steps:

Dining al fresco is a favorite summer treat, especially if the meal is beans and 'butter toast' and cheese:

Food tastes better when you're supervising this the landscapers (well, Daddy and Mommy):

Finally, one patch of yard is all done. Um, except, goddammit, for this friggin' dandelion ... hold on a sec ... ah!

How was your holiday, Canadians? Or, Americans, how do you plan to spend your upcoming long weekend?

By the way, this is my 300th post. Wow. Hooray for me, and thank you to you for, at a minimum, reading, and, in many cases, becoming my friends. Come on over and I'll crack you open a beer and you can watch me massacre dandelions, from the comfy perch of my porch. Cheers!


Kyla said...

Looks like a lovely weekend!

We don't have any holiday specific plans, but I do think we will have a kid-free overnight, which is a holiday unto itself.

Bea said...

I am so loving those pink chairs.

Mimi said...

Bea, I know. I wish they were my chairs, but alas they are not.

Omaha Mama said...

Your yard is looking lovely. So is your sweet girl! :0)

Caty said...

Hi Mimi.

I really enjoy your blog. Because you make me smile, I’m giving you a Lemonade Award. The details are on my blog.

I can’t remember whether I’ve ever actually commented on your blog before. I’m really bad at commenting. I promise to comment in future, though, and not just lurk in the background.


ewe are here said...

Ooooh, pink chairs. coooool

Looks like a lovely weekend.

Patti said...

Hey! You have one of those long weeders that are supposed to have magical properties, because they are so easy and wonderful to use!!

Does it live up to its advertising?

Sounds like a most lovely weekend, by the way.

Janet said...

I haven't been to that park in ages. Will have to remember to take the kiddies there once the splash pad opens.

Our wooden Muskoka chairs are in desperate need of painting this summer. Will have to re-think the pink.

Grammacello.JoAnne said...

Hi Mimi
I lived in your town for 30 years!
It has been such fun gradually realizing that it WAS the same one- I thought of three nearby possibilities when I came across your blog- I forget how, now, but it began to narrow down..the FAMILIAR house styles....
clothes bought at Bonnie Togs.... my H. is a prof at the same U. as you are- the streets (in your pics)are SO familiar even though we moved to another town an hour away 4 years ago and he (poor man) commutes now- but only 2 years to go till he retires.
I recognised the round swing....and the local beer...and the new Starbucks.. on and on
Today we went to look at my step-son's new apartment (he and his wife move in at the end of May) at the corner of Bel. Street and A. street-and in doing a sort of "for old times sake" drive around, we drove past a house with 3 very noticeable giant cedars!!!OMG there it was, your lovely home complete with your nice new mulch!
So, I am not some stalker- just a nice music teacher/faculty wife/Gramma, closing in on, (GULP) 60 who has so enjoyed your erudite,intelligent and honest blog since I stumbled across it.
Probably not your typical reader but hey! I have lived (close to)right there, done (a lot) of the things you are doing-so LONG ago,now, wow... raised some kids,and cats and dogs, taught a million music lessons.
Please don't feel weird- I am just saying a warm "hi" to a new Mom from a pretty old one.
Feel free to write or not as you wish.

Mimi said...

Joanne - Ha! Well, I knew that if you added all the posts together you could probably figure out where I am, but I never imagined a reader would be able to drive by my house. I believe you are the first to do so!

Thank you for not mentioning the mulch is only half done. If you looked down the side yard, you might have seen us working on the back yard, depending on what day you drove past, actually!

I hope your stepson and his wife enjoy the 'hood. We sure do. Please feel free to email me and we can swap specifics ...

Mimi said...

Janet: yeah, that splash pad is awesome. AND FREE!