Friday, November 13, 2009

Ain't life funny like that?

You ever troll your site meter to see where people are coming from? I discover some great blogs that way--usually lurkers who link me in their own side bars and click over that way, pretty regularly. You know who you are, lurky-loos.

Anyhoodle, I noticed a new link around the same time I noticed a new commenter. Nancy writes "The B in Subtle" (and isn't that the best blog title, ever?) and her first post I happened to read ... demonstrated that she hangs out in the same Starbucks as me.

Well, holy smokes.

I dropped her a comment, noting that I was a local. She sent me an email and I wrote one back--"I'll see you, maybe sooner than latte," she punned.

Today, a little voice behind me at Starbucks says, tentatively, "[Mimi]?" And there she is, in the flesh, with her ADORABLE baby boy, six months old today, just cooing and smiling and being ADORABLE.

(Obviously she recognized me because my profile photo has the same giant coffee cup in front of my head that was in front of my head today, lit by the blue glow of the MacBook Pro that was lighting it up today. I need a new shtick ...)

A new friend!


Why don't YOU delurk and say hi. Maybe I'll see you at Starbucks next week as a direct result. Who knows?

(Now feel of course like I should have had lipstick on to meet a new friend. And that I should have made more eye contact with her instead of practically eating her baby alive. Whoops. When I'm nervous, I focus on the ADORABLE babies, who are not likely to notice I seem to have food on my cardigan. Of course.)


slouchy said...

That's so cool!

Omaha Mama said...
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Omaha Mama said...

That is a great story. I don't think I'll see you at Starbucks here, sadly. Unless you're in the vicinity of west Omaha? Didn't think so. If we did, I think we'd be great friends and could go ahead with the whole arranged marriage of our three-year olds.

Patti said...

Holy small world, batman. I'm more likely to be in a Second Cup, for the record.

Now that I'm back in university, sometimes I look at my prof who obviously has it all together, and is terribly professional and intelligent, and has two small kids ...

... and I wonder if her blog would be as entertaining as yours. :)

Cloud said...

It seems very improbable that we will bump into each other in a Starbucks, since (1) we live on opposite coasts (and in different countries!) and (2) I don't drink coffee, and Starbucks doesn't do a very good tea.

However, I studied quantum mechanics in college. So I know that nothing is impossible. Some things are just really, really improbable.

Drop me a line if you're ever visiting San Diego!

(And why can't I make bloggy friends who live in my city? That would be cool!)

Nancy said...

ah Ms. Mimi - garsh. *gulp*. *shuffling of feet* HA! how NEATO to actually espy you as I sat nursing my son and wonder, "now, is that the lovely woman who commented on my blog the other day?" but how much MORE pleasurable to MEET you in person and indeed confirm it IS that woman! you did not come across as nervous at all. no one would dare interpret "eating one's baby alive" as unusual in any way (especially when one's baby is so dang cute even if i do say so myself ;) HA!) and i didn't notice any such food on said cardigan. i felt nervous that i might be interrupting you at your work or, even worse, interrupting you writing one of your amazing blogs which i am enjoying wholeheartedly! i love that cloud says nothing is impossible (my brother is a fan of quantum mechanics and has oft tried to explain them to me). if us connecting in our small world is an example of 'em, i'm all for 'em. my son was delighted to meet you, as was i, and we look forward to bumping into you again soon! p.s. thanks for the compliment about my blog and its title. i've a far way to go to accomplish what you do every day which is to gather such a devoted following and be as entertaining (and in such a concise way - a huge failure on my part even as shown in this blooming comment) as you are! again, soooo lovely meeting you (online and off). *blush* *giggle* *guffaw* heh heh i love guffawing.

Jenifer said...

I popped over to nancy's blog and wow what a nice place! How she finds the time I do not know, but there is a richness about her posts.

Thanks for the story Mimi...and the next time you visit your sister we must get to Starbucks!

eda said...