Saturday, November 14, 2009

Way the Hell Up North!

Is where I'm going! Right now! At 5:15am! With my sister!

Pynchon is taking the weekend shift so that I can have a girls' weekend with my mom and my sister. We haven't done something like this for years--just the three of us, no kids, no husbands. We'll be going to Christmas Tea this afternoon, just like we used to do in, err, the 1970s. And 1980s.

Set the wayback machine for vinyl tablecloths, doilies, and green-dyed bread with no crust.

I'm so happy about it all that I'm even looking forward to 3.5 hours just hanging out in the car listening to Vinyl Café (and a bunch of other stuff) on CBC, rolling north north north up the highway, away from all those responsibilities that make my life my life. Just a wee break.


slouchy said...

oh, that sounds divine.


Omaha Mama said...

Have FUN!

Nancy said...

Christmas Tea - how divine! Have a wonderful time and a safe journey there and back again...

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Have fun! It sounds oddly wonderful : )

Jenifer said...

I had my break last weekend and it was sooo nice, short, but nice.

Safe travels.

Debbie said...

Oh, have a great time! This sounds like such fun!

P.S. Can you take a picture of the green-dyed bread? I've never seen that. Oddly intrigued...

eda said...