Sunday, November 08, 2009

A meme! Woot!

I got tagged for a meme, and it couldn't have come at a better time: Sunday night!

10 Honest Things about Me

1. I eat a lot more junk food than I let on. I am metabolically blessed, apparently, and it's not fair that I'm as judgmental about others' food choices as I am. I just don't seem to pay the price for my own bad choices.

2. I'm at my very best when I in front of a classroom. I'm funny, I'm charming, I'm incisive, I'm rigorously smart and precise, I'm irreverent.

3. I'm trying not to look at the Christmas flyers yet, because I'm one white-star-on-red-background motif away from bringing out the Charlie Brown Xmas CD and putting it on repeat until New Years. Intellectually, I know it's too soon ....

4. If you met me, you would find me funny. Unless we're in a group. Then you might find me a little pushy or maybe manic. Sorry 'bout that.

5. I'm more interested in non-fiction reading (eg, How to Read Like an English Professor) than novels, for the last several years at least, which kind of appalls me, seeing as I am an English professor. But this week I'm really grooving on a Jeeves omnibus edition. 700 pages of modernist idle rich goofiness, ahhhhh.

6. I have really ugly feet. Wide and mismatched. But it really doesn't bother me, and I can be fond of them, subjectively, even as I can see, dispassionately, that they're really not the kind of feet to show of in any context at all.

7. As much as I love complicated critical theories of media or subjectivity or written expression, as much as I decipher and tease apart political and public culture and texts with a clear eye and an engaged adult mind, I increasingly recoil from much adult entertainment: I find most serious novels too depressing to read, most TV dramas far too bleak or gruelling, most Hollywood film beyond romantic-comedy overwrought and emotionally exhausting. I could watch Dancing with the Stars forever and just be done with adult art, I think, and live a happy life.

8. I find Crocs really really really comfortable. I have a pair that is in constant use as my year-round indoor slippers. I do not walk 10 feet without putting my Crocs on. Yes, they're ugly, blah blah. But! Oh, the comfort. Sometimes, I bring them to other people's houses when we visit. Yikes.

9. I can read faster than most people I know, but the truth is, I don't really remember anything about any of it after about 24 hours. Sometimes I'll get halfway through a scholarly article before I realize I've already read it. Fast but sloppy.

10. Once, I wrote Ricky Shroeder a fan letter--I was the queen of the elementary school playground for a week or so when he wrote! me! back! and sent an autographed picture. Swoon. It was a really good week, and it was nice to not be a loser dork getting shoved and ignored, however briefly.

Thanks Debbie at Pink Journey for lobbing this my way!


Debbie said...

Those are awesome!

I read really fast as well, and retain nothing. I am definitely a tactile, not visual, learner.

Bea said...

I need that omnibus, I think.

I've gotten better at picking out novels that I'll like. I enjoy all the modern-day gothics that have been coming out recently - things like The Little Stranger. Basically, anything Beck recommends I will read.

Jenifer said...

I read fast too, but like you don't remember a whole lot.

I LOVE my Crocs and I basically step out of bed into them and wear them until I get back in bed. And yeah, they come with me places too. If I forget them I am sad and I truly feel funny walking without them indoors.

I forgot about the NaMo....I just thought I was getting lucky with all your posts!

Kyla said...

I love Crocs, too. So comfy.

I'm totally ready for Christmas already. Could this be because it means my current classes will be over? Perhaps. ;)

Beck said...

Wait. I had a pithy comment and then I read Bea's comment and I DIED OF PLEASURE.

I don't like gloomy books. One bit. I LOVE Jeeves and Wooster! HAHAHAHAHAHHA! I strongly suspect that Miserable Books are for people with things severely wrong with them, emotionally.

Advent starts EARLY this year - you are MUCH closer to Christmas music than you might think. My mother - and I rely on her good judgement - calmly says that any time AFTER Remembrance Day is fine.

eda said...