Saturday, November 07, 2009

NaBloPoMo! I can't quit you!

And so it is that I'm posting a photo of me and Pynchon, on a date, taken with my iPhone sometime shorty after 10 pm tonight. We're at the fancy-shmancy bar area of the go-to fancy-shmancy restaurant in our town centre. So, about five minutes walk from home, so we can both have a stiff drink before staring deeply into ... the camera phone:

We got a sitter--let's call her Mary. Mary is the only sitter we've ever had, the pint-sized daughter of a colleague who, much to her own chagrin and our delight, has not yet managed to find a retail job to pay her high-school-student entertainment and fashion expenses. Hence her willingness to babysit for us lo these past 2.5 years. Munchkin loves her, and shoos us out the door the minute Mary arrives. Mary allows Munchkin to boss her mercilessly ("No! This way! Hold the pony like this, and then you say 'Hola! Soy Pinkie Pie!'"), and in return Munchkin idolizes her ("Please Mary, can I look at your beautiful braces again? Oooh, they're so beauuuutiful").

It sure is nice to traipse down the front steps, holding hands with my husband, while our daughter cheerfully orders us to get out and leave her with her beloved Mary. "I'll see you tomorrow! Have a great party!"

A fine time was had by all.

Better content tomorrow, I swear ...


Omaha Mama said...

Sounds perfect.
Great picture.

slouchy said...

love this picture.

Kyla said...

Cute photo.

We leave the kiddos with my parents. I'm so glad KayTar is now healthy enough and old enough for sleepovers there! I think the In Case of Medical Emergency sheet or feeding tubes and EpiPens would send most sitters screaming into the night.

Debbie said...

Date night! Yay!

Jenifer said...

Nothing says love like staring into an iphone!