Monday, April 09, 2007

A Monday Miscellany

It's all a jumble today, largely because I've been trying to do my taxes online and it seems we owe $1500. Please dear Lord let this not be true. Not on top of two unexpected months of day care and a quarterly property tax payment all due on May 1 ... after we've just paid the plumber $430 for emergency pipe defrosting in February and $130 to the dryer guy.

So with fear clouding my vision I'm capable of only the most disjointed thoughts.

The Google List

Strange ways to get here. Googlers of the following visited Mimi on the Breach at least briefly:
  • go a boobin' (American university URL)
  • diaper lover (ditto--what, is it finals or something?)
  • Victorian bridal trousseaux (Wesleyan University: Um, sweetie, do you have a paper due?)
  • I had my period three times normal but now it is longer should I get a pregnancy test (some poor sap in Saudi Arabia)
  • cold bath step father alcoholic (and you landed here?)

Here and only here ...

Ladies and gentlemen, our major documented parental lapse is more productive than we ever imagined: we have yet another frantic visitor looking for information on "baby ate philodendron".

To the philodendron owners: it's going to be okay! Just rinse with water!

One minute, 11 seconds of unadulterated cuteness

We thought she'd never learn to read. Ok. So the book is upside down. Still.

Here's hoping that the dollar signs stop spinning around my head by tomorrow, and that I can regale you with complete thoughts and complete sentences.


Mad Hatter said...

Every year I do my taxes, scare myself to death and then redo them to discover all is fine. Good luck with the do-over.

The girl, no need for a do-over there. She is perfect.

Alpha DogMa said...

Ohmigod. You are really hard on my heart. What with the fearful tax bill (and thanks be the Omega Man for doing mine) and the too-too-cute baby. Okay the latter was hard on my heart and my uterus.

NotSoSage said...

Ooh, my taxes usually go the way that Mad described and today, for the first time I've we're (not to make you feel bad) WAAAAYYYY in the black. And I'm having a heart attack figuring I'm somehow going to hit "File" and it's going to be all wrong.

Miss Baby is adorable...she looks so much like photos of you (since I can't really say YOU) in the vid!

Em said...

I like your new look (I had to look twice to make sure it was you!)

Your baby is a honey :)

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I love how she accidentally closes the book and then looks down and is all, What just happened? And figures out how to get back to the previous page. Cute! Cute!

Taxes. Oh no. I am beaming hope your way.

Beck said...

Sorry about the tax money. Yuck.

ewe are here said...

Taxes. Ick.

My google searchers aren't quite as, errr, interesting as yours... 'go a boobin'??? Do we even want to know?

Mimi said...

Ewe: i know! It freaks me out how people get here. I didn't even mention the one on 'adult diaper love'. I'd really rather not contemplate that for too long ...

nomotherearth said...

Can't view the video cause I'm at work and I have no walls, so I'll be back.

If it makes you feel any better, I used to ALWAYS owe money at tax time, but now, because of daycare, I'm in the black for once. Hang in there.

Jenifer said...

Holy cuteness, I'm with AD - my uterus is aching. My three girls I can just picture it...

Genius baby I say, how proud you must be. Rosebud has three books memorized and at the doctor's office the other day "read" to me - the look on a few faces was priceless. Fun times with books, my favourite.

Taxes yuck. Thank goodness that is Hubby's department.

Omaha Mama said...

Love misc. posts!

I don't know how to look at what Google searches led to blogs. How you know what people googled that led them to you. How do you do that? I see people doing it all the time...

Your baby is precious. I'm saying it because a) she is and b) mommies can never hear that enough, can we?